What Are Some Signs of Workplace Discrimination?

What Are Some Signs of Workplace Discrimination?
What Are Some Signs of Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination isn’t something that can be taken lightly. Our workplaces hold our ability to make a living wage and afford our homes and food. When that gets messed with, many stresses can come up, and people can act out in tangible ways. Unfortunately, a lot of workplace discrimination isn’t brought up because people fear losing their jobs. When it finally reaches a fever pitch, they’re often so fed up they have to go to court about it.

That’s not ideal for any business.

Here are the top signs discrimination is happening in the workplace and how it can be avoided.

Everyone In The Office Is Similar

Is everyone in the office the same type of person? This could mean all men, or all white, or all Christian, but any workplace that’s only full of a kind of person can be a lousy layout. Instead of firing everyone to make room for more varied employees, hire employees that are different from the status quo and help your company grow. A difference in opinions and personalities can help a business flourish.

Some Employees Keep Quiet or Avoid Others

Do you have any employees who seem shut away from their coworkers? They’re quiet or meek, avoid break rooms, and mostly just come in and leave precisely on time without doing anything besides their job. They may be getting discriminated against when nobody else is around, and it could be forcing them to self-isolate. Talk to them about what would help them come out of their shell and whether anything has happened in the office.

Overlooked or Denied Promotions

Are there any employees who have been overlooked for promotions they deserve? This could mean that they’ve worked there longer, or it could be that they work harder and turn in better work than anyone else. Why isn’t this person getting a promotion? If they stand out against those who are getting upgrades, your business might be heading towards one of the most common discrimination cases

Alarming Increase or Decrease of Work

Are most of the workload being piled onto one employee? Is one employee given nearly no responsibilities at all? Consider how the workload is divided up amongst those in your office and whether someone is carrying more than others. Sometimes when a supervisor wants an employee to quit, rather than firing them, they’ll try to either bog them down with too much work or give them so little responsibility that the worker will feel worthless there.

Good Employees Suddenly Missing Work or Shifts

If an employee of protected status is suddenly missing a lot of work or avoiding shifts and coworkers, something else could be going on. Out of fear of losing their job, some will try to work around an uncomfortable situation rather than discuss it with their employer and figure out a solution. This can hm both parties involved and should be stopped. Talk to your employee about what you can do to make their job more accessible, and make it so that they can show up on time.

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