What Are Some ZenBusiness and LegalZoom Alternatives?

What Are Some ZenBusiness and LegalZoom Alternatives?

When choosing an online LLC service to become your helping hand in launching a new legal entity, most likely than not, you come across ZenBusiness and LegalZoom recommended as the best formation services by many customers. However, these companies are surely not the only ones on the market, and there is a whole range of other industry players worth your attention. So, if you want to know what are the solid alternatives to these two top choices, keep on reading. 

What Services Do ZenBusiness and LegalZoom Provide?

First and foremost, it should be noted that these two legal providers are perfect alternatives to each other, and to see how they stack up in direct competition, you can check a detailed LegalZoom vs ZenBusiness review. In the meantime, to help you find other decent options for each of these companies, we’ve made a quick overview of their prominent features and the services they deliver.

ZenBusiness Quick Summary

Opened in 2015, ZenBusiness is among the “younger” market players. For a shorter period of time, though, the company has managed to build the reputation of a strong leader and reliable business partner favored by customers nationwide. Their service covers the whole country and is accessible from any state. Besides, they confidently stand out among rivals for their social initiative. In partnership with, ZenBusiness helps people rise back on their feet, get rid of debts, and earn a decent living. 

Yet what has brought ZenBusiness so much popularity so quickly is their strong and flexible pricing. Overall, they have three LLC formation packages varying in rates and services you’ll get for that rate. Thus, their Basic package starts at $49 and leads you through a Pro package at $149 to a Premium plan at $299. While a basic price is fairly affordable, the services bundled in the package are not scarce. Along with standard paperwork filing, they cover an operating agreement, a whole year of registered agent service for free, and even primary accounting consultations. Meanwhile, top-tier packages offer compliance services, website registration, and expedite turnaround times on top of the basics. 

Some other ZenBusiness forte we’d be remiss not to mention is quality customer service providing helpful ongoing support and assistance to resolve any issues that might arise when forming your business. 

LegalZoom Quick Summary

In contrast to ZenBusiness, LegalZoom is an industry powerhouse. Having opened its doors in 1999, the company has over 20 years of expertise behind its back. Huge experience means proficiency and professionalism that contribute to strong brand power and make a strong selling point for the customers. 

When it comes to pricing, LegalZoom stands at a higher price end, with its Economy, Standards, and Express Gold packages costing $79, $329, and $349 accordingly. Embracing a name availability check, filing services, and perpetual excess to excellent LegalZoom customer support, these formation plans don’t include a registered agent service that comes at an added cost and will further increase formation expenses. Besides, the major difference between packages is not in minor extras but rather in filing speeds. Your business will be registered within the economy package in a month while advanced plans imply expedite and rush turnaround times of 15 and 7 days.

Key LegalZoom’s strengths are top-notch customer service with extended support hours and highly professional help reps responding to all your questions in maximum detail and a whole wealth of legal services the company provides beyond business formation. Thus, they have experienced legal advisors on copyright and licensing issues and offer attorney services to physical persons, not to mention a wealth of personal and business legal forms available on their website. 

ZenBusiness Alternatives

While certainly not a competitor in pricing, LegalZoom is an alternative to ZenBusiness for those who value expertise, brand power and want top-of-the-line customer support. With LegalZoom, you’ll end up paying more yet rest assured your business will be formed by experts who know their onions.  

A solid ZenBusiness LLC service alternative and their strong competitor is IncFile. They promise to launch an LLC for free, and you can hardly ask for more. At the price of only a state fee, you’ll even get a whole year of registered agent service. More than that, despite multiple ZenBusiness reviews, they lag behind InFile in this aspect. 

One more worthy alternative to ZenBusiness is Northwest Registered Agent. Again, here you’ll get brand power and excellent customer support, which is essential for newbies and first-time businessmen. And an added ace down their sleeve is secure customer data protection and safety ensured via their in-house team of professionals present in all US states. Yet, get ready to pay more for all those perks. 

LegalZoom Alternatives

The LegalZoom LLC formation service is among the pricier online legal providers, and if you are on a budget and every cent matters, Inc Authority will be a true saver for you. Less popular than LegalZoom, they are also backed by huge industry experience. Yet, unlike LegalZoom, they have a filing plan that comes at $0 + state fee cost, which means it’s as budget-friendly as no LegalZoom option. Besides, that price embraces not only the filing basics but also a year of registered agent service.

As we’ve already mentioned, ZenBusiness is also among the best LegalZoom alternatives, with its competitive pricing, diverse and feature-packed formation packages. Though a pretty new name in the industry, ZenBusiness stands next to tried-and-tested industry top-liners, and extensive customer feedback proves their proficiency and service quality.

Finally, Rocket Lawyer is a company, which is nearly on the same footing as LegalZoom. Also hitting higher price points, they shine for exclusive legal business support that goes far beyond formation. If you need any consultation in relation to your business activity, you’ll get it here. 


To choose the right legal partner to start an LLC, you should thoroughly analyze and appropriately estimate your business needs as well as know your type of business. With that, LegalZoom and ZenBusiness are good choices for different business scenarios, each of them holding the lead in certain aspects. Likewise, there are several helpful alternatives to these companies that will match other specific business situations.

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