What Are The Advantages Of Using Mailmark Franking Today

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It was not that long ago when the use of mailmark franking machines in the industry was very common. Today, however, they are not as common because most companies and individuals prefer to go online and send letters and packages through various mailing services. It is important to note here, though, that there are still a number of advantages associated with using mailmark franking machines in today’s date and time.

As such, what you will discover below are some of the main advantages associated with having a company or individual use a mailmark franking machine during their mailing activities.


Using a franking machine can be an effective way of sending out promotional material and samples in envelopes or parcels. In the United Kingdom where mails are still a significant part of man business operations, Royal Mail franking machine suppliers in the country have developed different types of franking machines such as inkjet systems, hand-held portable printers, and industrial-size high volume frankers. However, it is important to note that most companies will offer package deals when you purchase a franking machine which means that you will get postage included in the price. Considering the cost of a franking machine compared to a premium email service, it is still a cost-efficient and wise investment for your business, especially if you need to send letters and packages regularly.

Business-use franking machines are also used by companies for business correspondence although they can be quite expensive to buy with prices varying depending on what type of system you go for. It is therefore important to look at all of your options before making a decision on which franked printer to buy. When using a special offers business account, these machines also give you the ability to print your own postage labels and take advantage of discounted rates when sending out large quantities of items.

Your mail gets delivered

If you run a small business and need to send out mail, then your main concern is getting the mail delivered. Because of this, people tend to choose large courier companies because they know those companies have a better chance of delivering their packages. But how do those courier companies get their packages from one place to another? They use franking machines! In fact, some businesses spend more money on franked postage than they do on actual packaging for their products. Also, the post office still doesn’t deliver every letter so having a mailmark can be very helpful. If you have ever been sent a handwritten address before, you might have been confused or unsure about where it came from. Most people don’t handwrite addresses anymore and thus why a mailmark can help ensure that your letter is received.

Efficient service

If a company sent out mail by hand, it would take a long time to get the letter from their office to the client’s or customer’s address. Sometimes this means that information gets there too late or not at all. Franking machines provide a more efficient service because they’re always available and ready for use twenty-four hours a day. This way companies can send important documents out whenever they’re needed instead of taking days or weeks.


One of the most important things businesses must consider when they’re going into business is how much time they’ll spend while working in their office or location. The less time it takes for you to get your work done, the sooner you can get back to focusing on other tasks and expanding your company. Mailmark franking saves time for businesses because there’s no need to process stamps every day independently from using these machines.

Customized and professional looking documents

Professional looking documents are the number one reason businesses choose to use mailmark franking. Because these machines print on pre-stamped envelopes, using them cuts down on printing costs and saves paper for companies that need to send out important documents. If companies don’t want to invest in a franking machine, they may pay for postage by hand which many feel can be dangerous because it gives mail carriers an open invitation to walk off with any envelopes that are labeled “prepaid.” Since most businesses can’t afford losing money this way, investing in franking machines is worth the expense. 

In short, when it comes to the advantages associated with using a mailmark franking machine in today’s date and time they can be summed up as follows: they are cost effective, fast and efficient in their operations, provide a certain degree of customization, addition security features and they can help save a lot of money in most cases. This is why more and more people are considering this option over all-purpose stamps because it gives them the best bang for their buck.

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