What Are The Best Ways To Present Products Online?

What Are The Best Ways To Present Products Online?

Businesses are constantly developing their processes and evolving them into something new. One area of change is trading shop window displays for online product pages. 

Of course, it has only been natural for businesses to boost their web presence in recent times. Many companies had done this in response to the pandemic, opening up new sales opportunities when lockdowns and restrictions stunted in-person shopping. Still, it is a viable business strategy moving forward in a post-pandemic world also, so long as you do things in the right way. 

One area that requires your utmost attention i s your product pages. Every product must be presented well, giving customers the confidence to start a transaction with your company. 

Therefore, here are some of the best ways to present your products online.

Write Honest Product Descriptions

Most businesses are guilty of using hyperbole and conjecture to sell their product. While this can make the brand seem quirky and charming on occasion, you should take care not to oversell a product or mislead your customers. 

When your customers browse your product pages, try to swap flashy sales pitches for honest product descriptions. For instance, you could: 

  • Showcase information found on labels: Ingredients and materials used, instructions for the product, eco-friendly verifications, allergy information, where the product was made. 
  • Statistics around usage: Product success rates, accurate estimations of what your product is likely to do and when by, how many people are currently using the product.
  • Who the target audience is: Age restrictions, others who the product is not suitable for, why the product may appeal to specific demographics. 

There is nothing more disappointing for many customers than ordering a product online that looks nice, only for it to arrive and look terrible. Therefore, it is always best to be honest about what you are selling, and one of the best ways to do that is through how you compose your product descriptions. 

Utilize 3D Rendering Tools

3D rendering tools are an exciting technology that can make presenting your products online much more effective. If you’re eager to use this innovative tech to benefits your business, then take a look at this 3D rendering tool from Apviz. It enables your customers to personalize the products they are browsing on your website. For example, they could add their own engraving designs to jewelry. It all makes online shopping more immersive and can improve engagement and conversions.

It is a competitive world out there, and these 3D rendering tools will give your product pages an edge. They can help your business appear more innovative and more trustworthy by offering a degree of creative control to customers. Use this technology, and you will not only provide a product page but an in-depth, collaborative, and future-driven experience also. 

Make Sure Users Can Zoom In

One of the perks of in-person shopping is that people browsing products can get a better look. They may hold the product in their hands or simply stand closer for a better view. 

Online sellers cannot provide the same experience, but they can make sure they meet users halfway. It can be done using a zoom feature on a product preview page, whereby site visitors can scroll over their product and use carefully curated tools for a closer inspection. They should be able to rotate the preview image also. They can see every bit of stitching in an article of clothing or read fine prints on images of any packaging. 

Of course, zoom features can be found on web pages anyway. However, by providing your own tools for this job, you can ensure that the image is crisper and clearer in use. Additionally, it also communicates to the customer that you care about their approval, and that you are transparent about what you are offering. Enable customers to have a better look, and they will quickly understand that your sales practices and what you are selling are legitimate. 

Pay Equal Attention to Different Devices

You may only have one online product page, but there are many ways for users to access it. 

Consider the devices your customers may be using. Increasing numbers of people are using apps today to access their favorite websites and services, so you may need to make sure your product pages are accessible to these methods. Computer users may also wish to stop by and spend as always.

The problem here is that the dimensions and presentation of your product page can change from device to device. Links may not work correctly, paragraphs of information may be distorted, or everything may simply look squished. Ensure your product pages look as they should on every device so that your online business is wholly inclusive. 

Offer Good Delivery Terms

A staple feature of any online business is good delivery terms. It is how digital companies prove themselves to be reliable.

Some people think that good online delivery terms for customers mean providing the services for free. However, recent news tells a different story, in that France has proposed banning free delivery of online shopping due to the negative effect on the environment. Therefore, it may be better for your business and the world to provide more flexible parameters for delivery. 

Try to feature delivery times on the product page, rather than in the checkout pages only. It can be an extra incentive for a customer to make an order and ensures that they do not go through half of the transaction process to know when their product will be with them. 

Feature more than just times and dates also. For instance, you can provide tracking services for packages, numbers to call in the event of any mishaps, and FAQs that address common questions on the delivery methods. Delivery is a business in and of itself, so it is crucial to account for everything.

Publish Online Reviews

Online reviews can legitimize the products you are selling and convert curious web surfers into paying customers. Featuring a select few on a product page can be a good idea, but be sure to go about doing it in the right way. 

First, all reviews should be sourced from genuine customers. Do not falsify impressions of your products, and do not request your employees to publish misleading reviews either. As soon as they vacate their positions, they will surely report your shady practices to others. Aside from that, it is also a dishonest way to trade. 

Second, make sure to use a third-party review site so they can integrate their services with your own product page organically. That way, all your reviews will be collated under the banner of a reputable review site yet feature on your page, helping your online business appear more esteemed by association. The impressions will be more trustworthy, and your business will appear to be more transparent. 

Include Influencer Endorsements

Of course, some impressions of your products matter more than others. 

Positive remarks from online influencers could boost the popularity of your products. Industry figures, famous faces, or social media stars with a following can all drive up sales with a quick comment. 

It could be a good idea to feature online videos of their remarks or to simply feature an accurate quotation of their praise somewhere on your product page. Place them strategically, as they can be a great way to break up walls of text online. Even off-hand or casual comments can be helpful, so be sure to use a prolific person’s endorsements as promotional material if you are fortunate enough to acquire them.

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