What Are The Duties Of An HR Manager In A Call Centre?

What Are The Duties Of An HR Manager In A Call Centre

A call centre is one of the most stressful jobs in the industry. Call centres tend to have substantial turnover rates and many unhappy employees. A human resources team monitors your staff and makes sure they are getting all the support they need. 

A good HR team can make all the difference in a call centre and dramatically improve your employee experience. If you are looking for an HR job, make sure you have the communication skills and initiative to guide a team.

A call centre is, first and foremost, a platform for making and receiving calls. A wide range of resources is used to carry out these calls – including technology, materials and, of course, humans. However, there are also contact centres these days that train their employees to handle various transactions, including text, email, and social media direct messages. Agents interact with customers on multiple platforms and handle a vast database of information. 

Whether you’re calling customers or messaging them on Instagram, being a contact agent is a tough job to do. Thankfully, the traditional call centre environment is starting to change. Agents can work from home or in small groups instead of piling into a busy and loud office every day.

An HR manager is responsible for recruiting, monitoring, and supporting staff. An HR manager searches through CVs, scouts employees, and conducts initial interviews. They compile a list of the best recruits and pass them onto another department for further interviewing. 

However, monitoring the workforce is the most important part of a call centre HR manager. A call agent can spend days cold calling potential customers and receiving countless irritable responses. Of course, these angry responses can increase the agent’s stress levels and make their professional life very difficult. An HR team can train employees on how to handle challenging customers and manage their own well-being. 

An HR manager could introduce a training scheme to teach new employees how to cope with stress at work. An open and honest HR team can support each employee and help to make their call centre experience better. It’s also important to hire the right people with the appropriate skills and personalities. The HR team should ensure all new recruits have the right characteristics and the ability to handle a stressful work environment. 

The HR manager is responsible for making their team stand out. A human resources manager needs to make sure each member of the HR team understands the company values and goals. A manager should show initiative, foster team spirit and present outstanding interpersonal skills. 

The HR manager needs to manage not only the HR team but every employee in the organisation.

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