What Dining Room Trends are We Expecting for 2023?

What Dining Room Trends are We Expecting for 2023?

We’re getting into the New Year and that means looking forward to the expected trends. If you want to keep up with the Joneses’ you have to be a step ahead of them. So, we’re taking a look at the trends that we expect to see in 2023 for modern dining rooms. Will you grab some inspiration from any of these trends? Take a look at our suggestions to create a space that everyone will want to dine at.

Statement chairs

The real trend of 2023 in the dining room is going to be all about expressing yourself. It’s not typically a room where you let loose and say, “This is me”. It’s typically more a place you tailor to your guests. We all are creating a mini restaurant in our homes. But now we’re doing whatever suits us. And the best way to express yourself is with statement items. That can be a piece of statement artwork or, as is still likely to be popular in 2023, statement lighting. We go more into lighting later, but we think you should also look into statement chairs. Just about any table will go well with a set of dining chairs that are bright and bold and set the color palette for the room. You can find statement dining room chairs set of 4 and up at Price Busters.


An idea from 2022 that we think will carry on into 2023 is the idea of benches rather than chairs. It’s an unusual idea but has a lot of benefits to it. You don’t have any “set places”, and really the amount of people you can get around the table comes down to how close your guests are willing to get. It has an inherently rustic appearance if you go for wood and a lot of cushions for a comfy meal, which is great for styles like bohemian and cottagecore.


And even better, you can add a couple of small benches in a smaller dining area and create a little booth for yourself and your family while eating.

Statement lighting

One trend that is not going anywhere when it comes to the dining room is the statement lighting over the dining table. And the best part of this trend is that there are a million different ways you can go with it. You can go with the fully embellished Phantom of the Opera chandelier or the simple minimalist industrial bare bulb on a couple of black bars, and any idea in between.

Open floor plans

Do you have the same problem whenever you’re hosting Sunday dinner? You invite everyone in, but the pasta sauce needs to be watched continuously, so while everyone makes small talk, you’re stuck in the kitchen until it’s plate-up time, and no one would know you’re there. An open kitchen can help with that. An open plan kitchen’s main appeal is its communal spirit. You can create a border with a breakfast bar instead of a wall, add a few stools, and allow everyone to natter while you work.

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