What Do You Need For Video Conferencing While Working Remotely?

What Do You Need For Video Conferencing While Working Remotely?

Due to the epidemiological situation, many companies have transferred employees to a remote location. Now it has become the norm, and remote work has become a very common option. To work in such conditions, small teams and entire corporations need high-quality tools that will allow employees to keep working in self-isolation.

Meetings with colleagues and partners, webinars and remote presentations are now held via video conferencing. Situations when during online meetings participants cannot see or hear their colleagues, and the image and sound are interrupted, seriously complicate communication.

In order for the quality of the video conference to be high, it’s necessary to correctly select the main devices of the communication system: microphone, camera, headset. They increase the efficiency of the workflow and improve the perception of information by participants in online meetings. Also, important is the video conferencing service, which you can choose by analysing iMind reviews.

How to choose a microphone

Most laptops and desktops have built-in webcams, speakers, and microphones. Using them for online conferences and video calls is not the best solution. The effectiveness of a video call depends on audio as much as on the image of participants and content, so a separate microphone is needed.

How to choose a camera

High-quality Full HD or HD webcams with dimmable lighting can help users feel more confident in the frame. This increases the comfort level of all participants in the video call.

If the employee has a laptop, most likely it already has a built-in camera. As a rule, the image capture quality of such devices is too low for business meetings. That is why it is better to use an external webcam – it doesn’t require special technical skills to connect. To get started, connect the device’s USB cable to the appropriate USB port on your computer. Such cameras, as a rule, work without problems with most video communication services.

To choose the right equipment from a wide range, you should pay attention to its characteristics:

  • number of frames per second;
  • permission;
  • autofocus.

An important aspect will also be the viewing angle.

How to choose a headset

If the user does not have a professional or stationary microphone, a headset can be purchased: headphones with a microphone. They are often equipped with additional control buttons that allow you to adjust the volume, mute or receive calls.

When buying a headset, you should pay attention not only to their basic parameters, but also to the design. Choose a convenient device depending on your preferences, as negotiations can be long and the model should not cause discomfort. It should also be possible to change the position of the headset microphone to customize it for yourself or remove it if it is not needed.

What software is suitable for video conferencing?

Video conferencing software helps organize video communication between multiple parties. There are certain criteria for choosing reliable video communication software: stability and quality of picture with sound, privacy, intuitive interface, useful options for collaboration, the maximum number of participants, the ability to integrate with solutions that you already use.

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