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What Happened in the Finale of Succession Season 4?

What Happened in the Finale of Succession Season 4?
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Some questions are always left unanswered when a ragingly popular series reaches its finale. However, in the final season of “Succession,” creators, led by Jesse Armstrong, tie up several plot threads. The only unresolved question is the outcome of the presidential election. But the results of the election hold little sway in the main plot line of Succession, anyway. 

The primary focus, of course, revolves around the Waystar board’s decision on the GoJo deal and the announcement of the new CEO. The answers to these are to be taken with a pinch of salt. The board approves the sale. Tom Wambsgans, in a surprising turn of events, snatches the CEO position from his wife, Shiv. It’s definitely a twist that caught me off guard.

However, what truly makes this finale fulfilling is the exploration of one of the show’s most divisive questions: Are the Roys capable of redemption? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, even if to a very limited extent. 

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Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and even Connor embrace their humanity as they step away from the ruthless world of business and politics. They engage in heartfelt conversations and share anecdotes about their lives. These moments of humorous exchange remove the curtains off their flawed yet relatable sides. Lukas Matsson, Tom, and even Cousin Greg and Lady Caroline contribute in reshaping the bond between the siblings.

At one point Shiv and Kendall discover their mother is harboring Roman, who was humiliated and injured, at her island estate. They meet him and win his vote at the upcoming board meeting. Shiv believes she has secured Matsson’s support.

Shiv is oblivious of the fact that Kendall receives insider information from Greg, who hovers around Matsson. He utilizes a translation app to interpret the Swede’s secret conversations. Thus, Greg learns that Matsson has lost faith in Shiv and conveys the same to Kendall. Kendall tries to dissuade Shiv from voting in favor of the GoJo deal while also convincing Shiv that she is not viewed as the worthy successor of Logan. Shiv relents from her strife for power.

The episode takes a lighthearted turn as the united trio of Kendall, Shiv, and Roman embrace their newfound camaraderie. They engage in heartfelt banter, joking about their various affections, sharing anecdotes. A jovial atmosphere prevails as the trio rekindle the chemistry of their filial relationship. 

However, as expected, the harmony doesn’t last. Tom, Shiv’s husband, discovers her intention to vote against GoJo. He confesses that he, and not Shiv, is Matsson’s choice for the position of CEO. Shive is infuriated by this and goes on to insult Tom, calling him an empty suit. This also led to a scuffle between Tom and Greg. 

Shiv and Roman share the disdain for Matsson and Tom. But at the time of voting they hesitate to act on their decision to vote for Kendall. This follows a dramatic turn of events that you have to see for yourself. Neither Shiv nor Roman vote for Kendall. Roman and Kendall fight over an inexcusable comment made by Roman about Kendall’s children. They eventually realize that none of what their company makes really matters.

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