What Is A B2B PR Agency? 5 Benefits Of Hiring A B2B PR Agency

What Is A B2B PR Agency? 5 Benefits Of Hiring A B2B PR Agency

B2B marketing is complex and challenging. Unlike B2C marketing, conventional promoting techniques are ineffective as B2B businesses have a long sales cycle, including multiple decision-makers and high-figure transactions.

In the B2B industry, only 1 out of 50 cold calls converts. That tells us that if you are in the B2B space, you can not rely on traditional ads and the cold call approach. 

This is where a B2B PR agency comes to help you.

What is a B2B PR agency?

B2B PR agency work with businesses to promote and sell their product or services to other companies rather than common people. The agency uses the PESO model — Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media to achieve this.

Paid media: When the agency feels that organic growth alone is not enough to rise above the crowd, they conduct paid promotions in various ways. This is obvious in this furious competition.

Earned media: Earned media includes news coverage, product reviews by social media influencers, and blogging backlinks. The company does not produce this type of media, but journalists, bloggers, and the general public create content about the company’s product. 

Shared media: Social media content is the primary source of shared media. It is conducted on third-party platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and similar. When some content is uploaded on the company’s social media, which is open for people to like, share, and comment on, that comes under shared media.

Owned media: This is the media owned by the business itself. It includes the website and email marketing. As a result, you have more control over this type of channel. Owned media is essential for brand awareness, thought leadership, and increased search visibility.

When B2B businesses practice PR strategies, their goal is to nurture their reputation and establish themselves as industry leaders.

5 benefits of hiring a B2B PR agency.

Let’s see the benefits of hiring a B2B PR agency.

1. Deep insights for B2B-specific campaigns

B2B PR agencies work with many different clients daily. And when you hire them for your business, they bring a lot to the table. A specialist agency understands the relationship between a company and its partners. 

Therefore, they know what works and what doesn’t and supply you with professionals who can bring maximum positive results to your business.

2. Better productivity

Growing a B2B business requires a marketing team. And mistakes happen while hiring a marketing team. Due to a lack of necessary time and money for training and missing the company’s shared vision, these employees may be less productive and produce poor results. 

Working with a PR agency solves this problem, as it assigns the work to the team who has already worked on maybe hundreds of similar projects. So, again, this saves time, and you know where your money is going.

3. Flexible and cost-effective

As a business grows, they need more people to manage the work. But it’s hard to predict precisely what is necessary to continue the company’s growth. Hence it requires some trials. For example, in-house hiring employees could be costly and time-consuming without knowing what is needed to achieve and how to do it.

Working with a PR agency means you don’t need to worry about monthly salary, paid leaves, and insurance for the new in-house team. Also, as the company grows, you have the flexibility to easily add more services required, such as SEO, SEM, automation, PPC ads, etc.

4. Result-oriented and accountable

B2B PR agencies are result oriented and accountable for creating a maximum positive impact on your business. During the agreement, the agency agrees on specific metrics and results they are responsible for delivering. If they fail, you have the right to ask what went wrong. You even have the option to switch to a different agency.

5. Right tools and implementation

With so many similar tools in the market, it is very time-consuming to know what works best. Also, these tools are too expensive to try. PR agencies work on multiple projects simultaneously; hence, they know a lot about the best tools and software. 

The proper implementation of the campaign is also necessary. The agency has a better experience in launching a campaign, saving a lot of your money that you could’ve spent on trial and error. 


A B2B PR agency could benefit growing businesses, provided they have experience in a defined niche and have skilled professionals to work with. 

A good PR agency is always a good choice over hiring an in-house marketing team for a new, growing business with no experience in marketing or hiring.

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