What is the Difference Between PRD and MRD?

What is the Difference Between PRD and MRD?

There are many definitions, based on which we can define a “good” specification and identify shortcomings in the work already done. There are many good articles on the internet about writing specs. However, the problem is not a lack of knowledge about how to create a properly formatted specification, or even what should be reflected in the specification. The problem is that we don’t follow our own definitions.

It should be remembered that our goal is not to describe technical specifications, but to create a good product and good software. Can you create a good product without a technical description at all? Sure you may! You can also win your first million in the lottery, but why tempt fate? Given the complexity of modern systems and software, it would be simply risky and foolish to start designing without specifying their main tasks in advance.

What are the benefits of a good prd

Prd template creates the basis for an agreement between customers and suppliers about what exactly the software product should do. A complete description of the features that will be supported in the software defined in the requirements will help potential users understand how the product meets their needs, or how the product needs to be modified to suit their needs. (Note: We always use the specification as the basis for the contract with the customer)

Reduces development volume. Requirements preparation forces various stakeholder groups in the customer’s organization to carefully consider all requirements before design begins and reduces the amount of re-design, programming, and testing. A careful analysis of requirements can reveal gaps, ambiguities, and inconsistencies early in the development cycle, when these problems are easier to solve.

Provides a basis for cost and timeline estimates. The description of the product under development provided in the specification is a practical basis for estimating the cost of a project and can be used to approve a budget or estimate a cost. (Note: Again, we use the requirement as the basis for our fixed price estimate)

Provides a framework for supervising and accepting work. Organizations can develop their hiring plans more productively with good ToR. As part of the development contract, the TOR provides the basis for verification of compliance with the requirements. (We use TOR to create a test plan)

Simplifies transmission. The requirements make it easier to ship software to new users or install on new machines. Thus, it is easier for the customer to transfer the software to other departments of the organization, and for the supplier to deliver it to new customers.

What are the benefits of a good mrd

So, MRD consists of the following 3 points:

Product vision

Describe your vision for the company if successful. Over time, you will most likely stop being limited to one product. How do you see your company in the long term? What would you like to change over time? Are you going to do this with a range of products? How do you enter related markets? How do you get people to change their behavior? What will the world be like three years after you hit the stage? And in five years?

Features and advantages of the product

This part shows what the product is and why people will use or buy it. The list of product characteristics is a one-page document that summarizes the most important properties (there should be no more than ten), giving a complete picture of the product (if the description of a particular characteristic is not clear enough, add a link to a more detailed technical document).

Consider that the development of characteristics is the work of engineers, programmers, or those who directly create your product / service / service, and creating benefits is a solution to a problem that you, as a founder, personally deal with for your potential customers.

Minimum performance product

The final part of the description is dedicated to the MVP. It briefly defines the minimum set of characteristics, which will be sufficient to start the product functioning and solve the problem already in the first approximation, in order to thereby demonstrate the value of the innovation.

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