What Is The Mystery Around Satoshi Nakamoto?

What Is The Mystery Around Satoshi Nakamoto?
What Is The Mystery Around Satoshi Nakamoto?

At the pace, the technology is advancing and finding new ways to instigate and sustain money so that it becomes more and more convincing and comfortable for people to use and invest in, has become the centrality of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has been introduced to us almost like years to serve it as a means of purpose to the audience so that they can have a more relaxed and safe, secure system behind transactions.

The concept behind it made it sound like a dream come true for some people who have been investing in it for years however, what about the person who made this dream come true? Who gave this abstract notion the physicality of it? It said that the cryptocurrency was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto, however, this particular Satoshi Nakamoto is whether an organization or a single person remains to be solved.

Many people have come forward to share the limelight of the bitcoin uprising as the maker of bitcoin, but still, it is a mystery. Today we will try to give you the opportunity to give a peek behind the curtain of bitcoin by telling you about the mystery around Satoshi Nakamoto.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

It is claimed that Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of bitcoin. Since then many have come forward to claim the bidding of the ‘owner’ and we will discuss each of them with their credibility. It will remain upon you to choose and unravel the mystery around Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • Dorian Nakamoto:

This is the first person to have claimed that he is the creator of bitcoin. It was to have found that Satoshi was living in a Californian temple city and created a storm when he claimed that the idea was his. Even though how much the story is true is left to the imagination of the person as the journalist who interviewed Nakamoto.

What Is The Mystery Around Satoshi Nakamoto?
What Is The Mystery Around Satoshi Nakamoto?

He claimed that there are some similarities between both the Nakamoto as both were an undergraduate in polytechnic from California. Further, when talking to each other, Nakamoto was heard saying “Nothing to do with Bitcoin anymore”.

However, all the claims were later dropped by Dorian Nakamoto as he claimed that he misunderstood everything and the only thing that is common between them is their last name.

  • Craig Wright:

This Australian entrepreneur had once claimed that he is the creator of bitcoin and has given various substantial proofs behind his claim. Everything brought to light in 2009 in a bitcoin conference where he claimed that he was a long time investor of bitcoin and has even said that he is the one who created it.

He gave emails and other proofs to substantiate the claim which matched that of the satoshi’s as the water stamps were similar to that of Nakamoto and wright. He filed a lawsuit to gain ownership of the bitcoin which was criticized worldwide. The case is still on and Wright still stands for everything he has claimed.

  • Wei Liu:

The rumors or the claims over who created the bitcoin don’t end here as there is another who after the Wright controversy claimed that he gave birth to the bitcoin concept. Wei Liu is the CEO of a crypto-market research firm, named consumer.

He claimed that he was the creator of bitcoin just to make a mockery of Wright ‘s attempt to be the creator. He just wanted to relay the message that anyone can attempt to claim the ownership of bitcoin as it is possible.

In the last decade, many have tried to claim that they are Satoshi Nakamoto without giving any certain claim. The mystery is still not unraveled, hopefully, one day it will be.

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