What is The Perfect Structure of Business Email To Get The Attention of Busy Clients?

What is The Perfect Structure of Business Email To Get The Attention of Busy Clients?

Email Marketing is an evident tool for digital marketing to reach out to audiences worldwide. On average, an email user receives 100+ emails every day. So, you see the competition is tough. Your email must be something that stands out among the other 99. You have got amazing quality products, an affordable price range, excellent customer service, and engaging email content but still, the results are not desired. Why so? Read on to figure out.

Writing emails is not as easy as typing WhatsApp text. It needs meaningful content, excellence in engaging audiences and making them hit the CTA. And most important is the correct and organized format. This will lead to clear and fruitful communication of your brand. Email formatting is very significant because it makes your email sound more professional and easy to read by the recipients.

Subject Line

The right formatting of an email begins with its subject line. The subject line of your email must be good enough that the receiver can’t resist himself to open it. A study reveals that more than two-thirds of emails have been deleted without even opening them. These emails failed in the subject line area hence were sent to the trash folder.

The subject line of your email must be short, crisp, stimulating, and above all should give a clear message. It shouldn’t be ambiguous. Here is what should be the content of an ideal subject line of an email.

❖ It should convey exactly what the email is all about.

❖ The subject line should have that spice that compels the reader to open and read it. This becomes even more important for emails sent to contacts abandoned long ago.

❖ The destiny of an email lies within its subject line which decides whether it will be opened or deleted. Hence the content of the subject line should be curated like it sounds important or needs immediate attention.

Pro Tip: Curse to spammers and fake marketers who misuse the words like ‘Urgent’, ‘Needs Reply’, ‘Attention’, etc. That now these words are taken for granted by users. In the end, genuine marketing players have to suffer. To avoid this, you keep it short, to the point, ignore fillers, and Spun spam filters.


Then comes the salutation. It must be balanced. Neither too straight that it sounds impersonal nor too informal that it sounds unprofessional. If you say “Hey Dany, Wazzap? it’s not correct taking business email into account. The correct salutation must be – Hi Dany,

The best thing is to go a little professional, keeping alive the human touch in your email salutation. It shouldn’t sound automated otherwise. ” Hi” is considered a balanced tone to use in professional emails. However, it is ok to sound a bit personal if your frequent or friendly contacts are in question.

Going too frank and cozy spoils the email even if you know the recipient very closely. You may save such banter for personal meetings. It is always safe to use a professional yet humble tone in the salutation. This won’t put you in a vulnerable situation if your emails are likely to be read by an unintended audience.

Pro Tip: Be formal in case you are writing to someone who is seated at a higher authority’s chair. In the rest of the cases, it is ok to revert to your colleagues or people with the same designation. Use ‘Dear’ for utmost important mails. Avoid honorifics if you exactly don’t know.

Email Body Format

A clear subject line and professional salutation are not just enough to catch the prey. You should have an equally competitive email body. It must be more organized than just writing everything in your head and hitting ‘Send’.

You may use ‘Email Marketing’ tools to plan it well. There are so many ‘Email Marketing’ tools like Aweber that can do the job for you. You can learn more about this tool, that I find trustful, on this site. Aweber is an efficient platform that offers almost all the essential features that you might need for your next email campaign. 

Here is what we want to suggest to you.

❖ Stay confined to the subject and do not beat around the bush. Filter only the required details and erase the rest. Organize the body of the email so that the reader will get everything clear in one time reading.

❖ Do not write what is not needed or useless. Long emails are not engaging at all. Hence, the body of the email must be neither too short that it leaves so many questions unanswered in the reader’s mind nor should it be too long that it fails to catch the reader’s attention towards what is important.

❖ Designing an attractive email is not harmful. But over designing and unnecessary images may go wrong with the style of a business email. Different email clients have different formatting hence it might not deliver the way you want it to be. The best is to type in 12 font sizes and black text color.

❖ Give double space between the paragraphs and do not use the indentation feature.

Pro Tip: When you copy-paste certain text, don’t forget to remove the formatting. Plus, add hyperlinks and your other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, help desk number, Contact email, Facebook handle, etc.

The End

End with style yet within professional boundaries. Begin the end with words like ‘Thanks’, ‘Sincerely’, ‘Regards’, etc. This is called a signature of an email. Almost all the email clients add it automatically to every email provided you add the desired signature text once in the settings. A complete signature of an email includes the Name of the company, your designation, your name, and your contact number. Also, you may add professional social accounts like ‘LinkedIn’ etc.

Pro Tip: When you are done with creating your signature template in the email settings, test by sending it yourself. As it is said that not all email clients retain the intended formatting, a test email gives you an idea about how it appears exactly.


Proofreading is often avoided but a small mistake may spoil your impression. Proofread the entire email from top to the bottom, check for typos, and correct verbosity. You may also make use of proofreading enhancements that may aid you in finding possible corrections. 

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