What Skills Are Required To Become A Data Engineer?

What Skills Are Required To Become A Data Engineer?

Data engineering is a skill-oriented profession. Data engineers are information technology professionals with software engineering and data science expertise. A day in the life of data engineers involves creating and maintaining the architecture used in different data science projects. They build systems that collect, manage, and transform raw and unstructured data into valuable insights for data scientists to interpret in several business settings. They oversee ensuring that data flows between servers and applications are uninterrupted. Therefore, data engineers require expertise in various applications and processes.

Students aspiring to become data engineers require these crucial skill sets. Pursuing a Data Engineering and Analytics course will help you become a successful data engineer. The course will also add value to your resume and give you a competitive edge when applying for data engineer jobs. So, below we have compiled some top skills needed to become a data engineer.

1. Coding

Coding is a highly valued skill that is required for most data engineering jobs. Many companies prefer data engineers with a basic understanding of programming languages, including SQL, Python, NoSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hadoop, Kafka, Java, R, C, and C++.

2. Knowledge of operating systems

Data engineers must be proficient in using various operating systems. A deep understanding of operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, and Solaris, is imperative to running applications and performing data engineering tasks. Knowledge of operating systems is helpful in troubleshooting problems related to any data engineering task.

3. Data warehousing

The collection and management of data from various sources are known as data warehousing. These data are used to provide to gain valuable business insights. It is the core of the Business Intelligence system developed for analyzing and reporting data. Data engineers must possess skills and experience in data warehousing to store and analyze data in a massive volume.

4. Database systems

Data engineers have expertise in Structured Query Language (SQL) as they use it extensively to extract and manage data stored in tables. For prospective data engineers to thrive in this sector, they must learn other database solutions, such as Bigtable and Cassandra.

5. Basic understanding of machine learning

Machine learning is mainly for data scientists who use it to make high-value predictions, better decisions, and innovative actions in real-time. However, machine learning skills can add value to the resume of data engineers. A basic understanding of machine learning helps develop data modeling and statistical analysis knowledge to create solutions.

6. Communication skills

Data engineers need to collaborate with colleagues and clients with or without technical skills. Mainly, managers and business leaders do not have in-depth knowledge of computer science. Data engineers require well-developed communication skills to communicate their ideas to business leaders.

Candidates seeking a data engineering career must possess the skills mentioned above to kickstart their journey to become data engineers. They can consider a Data Engineering and Analytics course to learn to gain data engineering relevant skills and use its tools. Apply now!

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