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What You Can Do To Get Better At Your Sport

What You Can Do To Get Better At Your Sport

Lots of people play sports to help them stay active and do something they enjoy doing. However some people have the aspirations to make the sport they play a career or something that they can try and do at the highest level they can get to. To be able to do that though you need to know what you can do to try and be the best you can be at the spot you play and make sure you are putting in the time you need to so that you can be the best you can. Improving skills and getting better at a sport isn’t always easy and will require a few different things to do this.

If you are unsure how you can get better at the sport you play and what you should be doing to try and get better at the sport then this guide should help you gain a better understanding of what you can do and get you started on a path of improvement for the sport of your choice.

Set yourself goals

Before you start sinking in loads of time practicing you need to set yourself some goals to help give you motivation and something to work towards. You want to set short, medium and long term goals so you have different time frames to work to and something to gauge how well you are doing. For example if you are a runner then set goals for certain times to hit when you practice, so short term you could aim for 15 second 100m sprint then medium could be 12 seconds and long term 10 seconds, this then gives you something to work to instead of just practicing with no specific end game.

Set up a plan to adhere to

When trying to stick to training and meeting goals you should have a plan in place to help you to stay on track and keep yourself going. Setting up a plan like when and how long to train for and what rest days you should have, will make sure you can train enough while also having rest days enough to recover and not sustain any injuries. Within your plan you should have the sessions for each training day set out so you know what drills and equipment you are going to be doing and need and how long you are to do each one for.

Train lots

You are not going to get better in a sport without training very hard, you should be looking to train at least three to six times a week depending how quickly you want to be achieving your goals. This doesn’t mean training for hours a day as you only need to be doing about twenty to thirty minutes each time to make it a good session, but this again is up to you. If you are playing a team sport like baseball and you think you cannot practice your batting without a pitcher then get yourself a batting net to hit into and look into some batting tees, this then will allow you to practice your batting on your own without having to worry about needing a pitcher. There are lots of training aids you can get to help you train on your own without the need for other people.

Don’t just focus on the sport itself

It can be easy to just want to train in the sport you are trying to better yourself in obviously, but bear in mind there are more parts to it than just the skills of the sport. Try and train for your strength and fitness as well, these are crucial parts to any sport to make sure you can be the best of the best you have to be able to compete with them and making sure you are in peak physical and mental condition is key, so commit some of your training time to focusing on other parts of the sport that may not skill based, whether that be the rules of the game or focusing on your fitness. 

Study others in the sport

If you are trying to become a professional in your sport then study the professionals that have already made it. Look for little things you can incorporate to help you get better and try and pick up any tips where you can from different professionals. This can help you to pick up little advantages and stand out more where others may not have done the research.

If you are looking to get better in your chosen sport and even push yourself to a professional level and you are unsure what you can do to get that extra advantage and better yourself. Then this guide should hopefully, give you the ideas you need to get started and give you an understanding of what you can do to get better.

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