What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Dentistry is one of those areas in medicine that is developing very rapidly. Every day, thousands of people from all over the world are working on creating new technologies related to giving people the opportunity to regain their perfect smile without resorting to some dubious methods.

Today, even in the most challenging situations, it is possible to restore a tooth and do it in an absolutely harmless and technological way. 

One of the most common modern technologies is the installation of implants. It’s worth starting with what an implant is in general. In simple terms, this is an artificially created root that can be implanted directly into the jawbone. The doctor’s task is to ensure that the implant can be successfully incorporated into the bone tissue, after which it is supplemented with several essential components in the form of an abutment, an implant, and a prosthesis.

There are several other things you should know before getting dental implants, which we will look at in detail.

Types of Implants

The implants themselves can be safely divided into two main groups. They can be:

  • Extraosseous – their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are attached to the gum, and the jaw part of the skull is not involved in this technology;
  • Intraosseous – such implants are considered the most commonly used and all due to their versatility. They are well suited for all people, regardless of the complexity of the situation. It is important to note that they can be two-part or consist of one element. The advantages of such implants include simple installation, the absence of complications, and long service life, while only their cost can be singled out among the disadvantages.

The topic of implants is very diverse, and they can be further divided into categories according to the type of fixation, design, class, and many other parameters. Therefore, it makes sense to learn all these points, starting from a specific situation.

What are the best dental implants?

This question can be called very subjective since every person, and even a specialist, can have his own opinion on this matter.

Someone does not have big finances, and it will be enough for him to install the most budgetary implants that can stand with him all his life. At the same time, another person believes that only the most expensive implants should be taken.

Speaking of the most used materials that have long been tested by time. These are titanium, tantalum, and zirconium. All of these implant options have their strengths and weaknesses, and this only needs to be analyzed.

How much do dental implants cost?

This is another question for which there is no specific answer. The cost of implants is a mixture of a large number of factors that greatly influence this.

Among the criteria that affect the cost of installing implants include:

  • Location – depending on the clinic you choose, the proposed price tag can be very different;
  • Technology – there are different methods for performing any dental services, and dental implantation is no exception;
  • The material used – it can be zirconium, titanium, or tantalum and the price tag for all these implants will be different;
  • Additional services – there are situations when a lot of preliminary procedures are required before installing the implant, which also affects the price tag.

Based on this, it becomes evident that the spread in the price of implants can be quite noticeable. It can be a price tag from 10 to 30 thousand, and these are only average figures. Depending on a number of other factors, the cost can vary even more.

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