What You Need To Know Before Betting On Hockey

What You Need To Know Before Betting On Hockey

Hockey is almost a century and a half old. First played in Canada, the game quickly extended across North America before spreading to Europe and beyond. By the early 1900s, professional hockey leagues had proliferated in various territories, triggering a wave of competitive matches. 

Betting and hockey have been very close since the early days of professional fixtures. While there weren’t any legal organizations taking sports bets, it was rife in the underground. Hockey was a top sport for these early gamblers, due to its fast-paced gameplay and unpredictability. 

Nowadays, betting on the NHL and other global hockey leagues is incredibly popular. Legalization in many US states has led to a remarkably healthy hockey betting ecosystem – great news for sports fans in the Land of Liberty and beyond. 

Jumping straight into the NHL betting world without learning the basics isn’t advised. Understanding the basic bet types, sportsbook selling points and best tips to win doesn’t take long. 

Stay with us for a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know before betting on hockey. 

How to choose the best hockey sportsbook 

Deciding on a sportsbook is the first step in hockey betting. Our guide will tell you how to choose the right platform, just as an ultimate sports equipment guide would advise on how to find the best equipment. 

Most modern sportsbooks have a fantastic selection of hockey events and sporting markets, but it still pays to choose the best ones. This depends on several factors and your own personal preferences. A few main characteristics to consider include: 

  • Bonuses: The best hockey sportsbooks will have generous welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions, with minimal wagering requirements. Choosing the best one can significantly extend your bankroll. 
  • Sporting markets: The NHL is a mainstay at sportsbooks worldwide, but other leagues like the KHL can be harder to find. Check which markets a sportsbook offers before signing up. 
  • App interface: Mobile sportsbooks are very popular nowadays, mainly due to their incredible practicality. These apps make it easy to bet on the move, but you must ensure the interface is glitch-free and easy to navigate. 
  • Bet types: The best sportsbook platforms have countless ways you can place bets on hockey. Confirm your chosen site has a comprehensive range of props, moneylines, parlays and other bets. 
  • Odds: While odds are largely in the same ballpark across most sportsbooks, some have more competitive odds than others. Do a bit of research to find the most advantageous option for you. 

Different types of hockey bets 

Learning the various wagering possibilities is another crucial step to maximizing your hockey betting success. Check below for a quick round-up of the most popular variations:

Prop bets

A prop bet is a wager on a specific event during a hockey match. It’s a great way for experts to bet, as you can, for example, predict the number of goals scored by a specific player or the total metres covered. 

Leading sportsbooks have numerous prop bet possibilities, so the world is very much your oyster here. 


A moneyline bet is a simple wager on the winner or loser of a hockey match. The favorite has negative odds, while the underdog has a positive value. 

The odds associated with the underdog represents the amount you can win from a $100 wager. On the other hand, the favorite’s odds demonstrate how much you would have to bet to win $100.

Puck line 

Otherwise known as spread betting, puck line bets are particularly useful in games with a clear favorite. A successful puck line bet has to predict the correct winner and how many goals they will win by. 

The sportsbook sets a puck line and you must wager on the team you think will win by this amount or more.


Parlay bets are some of the most exciting ways to bet on hockey, especially during the congested fixture list of the NHL season. Instead of betting on the outcome of one match, parlay bettors predict the results of several games during a weekend. 

You must get each one right to win the bet, with just one wrong prediction ruining everything. The upside is each successful prognosis multiplies the eventual winnings.

How hockey betting promos can help you

It’s extremely important to take advantage of hockey betting promos. The sports betting industry is tremendously competitive, and platforms regularly use bonus promotions to set themselves apart from the rest. 

For example, almost every sports betting platform offers some kind of deposit match or risk-free initial offer. Making the most out of these promotions is crucial, as they can significantly improve your bankroll. 

Make sure you do the required research to guarantee the most lucrative offers. Some platforms have higher wagering requirements than others, so don’t forget to read the terms and conditions, either.

Hockey betting tips and tricks 

Don’t forget to utilize a few tips and tricks when betting on hockey. Although you can never guarantee a winning wager, there are several strategies to boost your chances. You can find a few below: 

  • Take advantage of welcome bonuses. 
  • Read hockey magazines and news sites to stay up to date. 
  • Regularly check team and player statistics before betting. 
  • Bet tactically and stay on top of your bankroll.

Although big wins are more tempting, you may have more success plugging away with smaller stakes

Top NHL players to bet on 

A big part of successful hockey bets is knowing the best teams and players to put your money on. For example, high-scoring players are always a good bet for prop bets. Check NHL statistics to get the optimal picture of how to bet. 

Some of the top NHL players to bet on nowadays include:

Connor McDavid 

The Edmonton Oilers center is undoubtedly the best hockey player in the world right now, racking up astonishing points totals over the past few years. A great bet for point-focused prop wagers. 

Auston Matthews 

Auston Matthews doesn’t quite pip McDavid to the post as best overall NHL player, but he’s certainly the most prolific goal scorer. The Toronto Maple Leafs center is perfect for goal-orientated betting. 

Nathan MacKinnon 

A Stanley Cup champion with the Colorado Avalanche, Nathan MacKinnon is one of the most determined and passionate players in hockey. He is a great all-rounder but his best trait is his willingness to help his team. 

Stanley Cup 2023 odds 

Although the next Stanley Cup isn’t until June 2023, you can gain a lot of insight from looking at the early favorites. The competition has a long and fascinating history, with all NHL teams desperate to get their hands on the cup. Check below for the Stanley Cup 2023 winner odds: 

  • Colorado Avalanche: +425 
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: +800 
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: +1000  
  • Florida Panthers: +1100 
  • Carolina Hurricanes: + 1200 
  • Edmonton Oilers: +1400 

Responsible betting 101

We’ve covered all you need to know about betting on hockey, but we cannot leave you without a mention of responsible betting. You must be careful when placing wagers, as it can quickly turn from a hobby into a full-blown addiction. 

Don’t lose track of betting responsibly. If you feel unable to stop, seek professional help as soon as possible!

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