What You Should Know Before Playing Dragon Tiger

What you should know before playing Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a unique take on the classic table game baccarat. Developed by cutting-edge software developer, Evolution, you can have a unique gaming experience but it doesn’t stray away from its straightforward mechanics so any beginner will be comfortable playing it.

If you enjoy baccarat, this game is an amazing recommendation for your next game session. There can be a small learning curve for you but with your baccarat experience, you can see this as a fun way to spend some time and money. 

The Dragon Tiger gameplay

The main crux of Dragon Tiger is correctly predicting between the Dragon and the Tiger which has the higher card value. You can bet ‘Tie’ if you feel like both cards will have the same value. 

You will need to click the Deal button when you’re finished with your wagers wherein both the Dragon and Tiger are given two cards. This is when the results of the bet will come through and they are reflected and compared to each other. 

In Dragon Tiger, the Jack is worth 11, the Queen at 12, and the King at 13. Lastly, the Ace is the lowest-value card at 1. 

The Dragon Tiger side bets

It is not a baccarat-type game if you do not have side bets to help you with potential rewards. If you are feeling a little pep in your step with Dragon Tiger, you can make these side bets:

These are the side bets that you usually see in Dragon Tiger: 

  • Odd/even: This is where you predict whether one of the cards that were dealt for either Dragon or Tiger is an odd or even number. The odd bet does not have a 7 because the only options are 1, 3, 5, 9, Jack, and King. 
  • Big/small: In this side bet, big bets will mean that you will predict that either of the two will receive a card value of 8 or higher. On the other hand, small bets for both the Dragon and Tiger should be at 6 or below to win this side bet.
  • Black/red: This side bet will involve betting on what colour the card is which can be either black or red. 

Strategies you can try out for Dragon Tiger

You need some strategies so you can get the most rewards possible in Dragon Tiger. Bring your game to the next level with strategies that can legitimately help you win your games while also maximising the money you can win. 

  • Martingale strategy: This involves doubling your bet stage after each round that you lose. For example, you can place a $1 bet on the Tiger side and then you lose, that is a $2 bet. 
  • Suit-based strategy: You can keep track of the suites that have been played and figure out which ones remain in the deck to know what kind of card will arrive.
  • Card-counting strategy: Just like the previous strategy, you can count the cards here. Keep track of the large value cards, especially the 7 because if you get a double 7, that is an automatic loss. 

Have fun with Dragon Tiger

Now that you are familiar with Dragon Tiger, you should have a good time playing this game. You should know that Dragon Tiger will keep improving with Evolution at the helm. 

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