What’s the Best PDF Software for Your Law Firm?

What’s the Best PDF Software for Your Law Firm?

Having the correct software is vital for any business and this is especially true if you work in such an important industry as law. Law firms serve an important purpose in our communities making sure justice is given and helping those in need solve grievances and a whole host of other issues. For a law firm to be able to safely conduct its business though, it must have all the tools needed and that includes having the right PDF software.

So what then does a law firm need when looking for software and more specifically document editing software? There are a number of PDF editors available for purchase online and they have different pros and cons which are to be considered in regards to their utility for any law firm. A law firm will need a reliable legal software that is not only useful for making and editing documents but also secure. Here are some examples and possible software options that fit that description.

Lumin PDF

The first on our list is Lumin PDF which is an online PDF editor that has many benefits. The biggest draw and benefit when using Lumin PDF is its relationship and cooperation with Google. This means a law firm can use G-Suite and all the functions with it in conjunction with Lumin PDF. The advantage of this is you can edit your documents when mobile and access them from Google drive which means fewer barriers to use. Although there are some limitations with a free version, a law firm would do well to invest in a PDF editor like Lumin PDF rather than relying on free trials and free to use online versions.

The reason it might be a good option for law firms as you might guess is that it is the perfect program for remote access, which is very handy to lawyers and law firms since they are often on the go or in a courtroom or with a client. Having all the case documents at the tip of their fingertips is critical. Also, Lumin PDF has a good reputation for security and for the legal profession, this is a must since law firms work with many sensitive documents relating to clients’ cases and proceedings that cannot get out of the courtroom.


Like Lumin PDF, Sejda is a very good online pdf editor that works with Google and G-Suite. Of the PDF editors on this list, Sejda likely has the best-looking interface which does matter to more aesthetically inclined persons. Sejda allows the user to edit fillable PDF files to their own desire and this goes beyond simply inputting information but also means that it goes into things like being able to draw shapes and annotate documents so partners at the law firm can see what you are seeing in a document. While it might sound simple, a good interface can make work a lot easier.

For law firms, the biggest draw of Sejda is its use with G-Suite since many companies and law firms use it as a basis for their office work. This isn’t limited to just its online email service but also includes web hosting, security, and other offers from G-Suite which makes Sejda a great PDF editing tool for a law office. Coupling this with the fact that it has a slick interface that is eye-catching and easy to use, it’s no wonder why it is one of the more popular PDF editing tools available.


Small PDF as its name might imply is a smaller and more user-friendly PDF editing program that utilizes basic features to create a more efficient approach that is workable and easy to use for any user. It still offers all the same key functions as any other mainstream PDF editor but is absent some of the bells and whistles of Adobe Acrobat for example. While some people might think of this as a negative, really it can be a benefit if you have straightforward tasks and just want to use it for its editing service. In addition to this, it supports many different languages.

This is a good online PDF editing service for law firms for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the most used in the world and that carries with it some advantages such as familiarity and it is easy to find resources in case there is some issue. Secondly, the other major benefit is the language support. Often large-scale law firms work in many different countries or with people of different languages. Although English is the language of the working world, other languages are still in use and Small PDF helps law firms assist people in this regard.


PDFescape is a useful and increasingly popular online PDF tool that offers not just editing but formatting and spellcheck. It is very much a one size fits all PDF editor with a long list of functionalities. It can be used by many different kinds of businesses and this includes law offices that can take advantage of its online features anywhere. In addition to this, PDFescape allows you to really customize your documents not just with content but in a more creative sense so a law firm’s personality can be reflected in the document.

For a law firm, this is a great PDF editing software that sort of acts as an opposite to Smallpdf in that its focus is more on features rather than simplification and user interface. There is of course no wrong answer here as it is a matter of preference. PDFescape’s ability to add to a law firm’s ability is greatly increased by its long list of functions and customization options.

For law firms, the second best does not cut it, but which one is best? Well, the answer depends on the need of the firm in truth. All of these PDF file editors work and work well, it is just a matter of understanding what they bring to the table and how best they can be used to benefit the firm in the pursuit of its goals. While each has its own positives, there are certain elements that might make one or more of these more attractive than the others relative to their functionality.

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