When is it Time to Get a New Roof?

When is it Time to Get a New Roof?

Unless the entirety of your roof is comfortably viewable from the street level, it can be an easy part of the property to neglect. 

It’s not as immediately apparent as, say, the kitchen, the bathroom, or plenty of other common types of home renovation choices.

This does not make it any less vital in terms of structural integrity and overall property value. It does mean that you may need to pay more attention to the warning signs, however. 

Getting a new roof fitted can be an exasperatingly expensive endeavor, and it may even result in you having to move out for a brief period of time. 

You may not have to resort to this, however, as they can be repaired fairly easily by the right person, of course. 

If you are starting to suspect that your roof might be in need of an upgrade, a repair, or a total replacement, it is worth thinking about these tried-and-true warning signs. 

Damp Patches on Your Upper Floors

Wet patches can be easy to confuse with damp, so if you are experiencing what you think is damp, check your roof – there may be openings that let the rain come through. 

Plus, damaged roofs can cause damp themselves, especially if you live somewhere cold and rainy. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your entire roof, but it probably means you need to consult a roof repair expert. 

Your Roof is Too Old

While it is true that some materials will last for what seems like forever, there is a chance your roof may be too old and needs replacing. 

The general consensus among experts regarding when you should replace your roof seems to be between 20-25 years. 

This will likely vary heavily depending on where you live, however, as your climate may be prone to fewer or more extreme weather events. 

If You Want to Add Value to Your Home

A home is a huge investment. Many people enjoy the journey of making renovations in order to sell their property at a later date, whereas others would rather run to the hills and live in the trees with the owls than have to deal with construction projects. 

Whichever side you come down on, there is no questioning that a roof upgrade can add immense value to your home. 

If you need to add some value to your home in time for a resale, then it is certainly worth considering a roof upgrade. 

If You’ve Suffered a Natural Disaster

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer through the horrors of a natural disaster, you’ll likely need many repairs to your property. 

Sometimes, natural disasters can cause hidden damage too, so it’s worth checking your property thoroughly to be on the safe side. 

You should start from the inside and see if there is any immediately visible damage to the underside of the roof. This will need to get repaired immediately, as it could compromise the entire structural integrity of your home.

Moreover, it may be a direct danger to your and your family’s health, as it could leave you not only vulnerable to the elements but also at risk of harm through structural collapse. 

There is a good chance that tornados and hurricanes can ruin roofs completely, requiring a full replacement, but minor disasters may not require the same level of work. 

Always contact an expert if you are unsure, as failing to do so could lead to you making the wrong decision, one that will be even more costly to rectify in the future. 

Missing Tiles

The odd missing tile does in no way mean a super expensive fix is headed your way. In fact, the odd missing tile is perfectly common and easy to fix in many cases, so don’t panic. 

If it’s more than a few missing tiles, and you can see through the roof into your home, this may be cause for greater concern. 

You might be able to fix a few missing tiles yourself, especially if you’re handy at DIY. 


Rotting can prove to be exceptionally dangerous over time, and it could lead to the destruction of your home’s architectural integrity. 

In extreme cases, the roof sheathing can rot, and so will any wood that it’s linked up to. This spells disaster for a roof, and you will almost certainly need to replace it if you’re suffering from large-scale rot. 

You should try your best to catch this before it’s too late and it starts affecting the rest of your home. 

Extreme Weather 

Weather extremes can take their toll on roofs over time. From the dense and powerful Colorado hailstones to the furnace-like heat of the California summer, a roof has to take quite a beating. 

If you have been experiencing weather extremes recently, it’s certainly worth checking the roof. Plus, if you’ve noticed a sudden change in temperatures, it may also be time to check, as this can cause the rapid expansion and contraction of molecular structures, leading to all kinds of damage. 

Inexplicable Coldness

If you have recently felt the dreadful cold seeping into your bones out of nowhere, your faulty roof could be the culprit. 

Feeling cold at home is horrible, and warmth is one of the fundamental human needs, so if this is happening to you, then it’s definitely time to check the roof. 

This could be a sign of leakages, holes, and cracks in the roof, and they’ll need to be repaired quickly if you aim to limit the damage. 

Check It

If you’re unsure as to what kind of condition your roof is in, just grab yourself a ladder and take a look for yourself. 

If it needs repairing, you’ll likely be able to find out immediately, as there will be observable damage, such as holes, loose tiles, bent panels, buckling, rising, cracks, or dents.

When you do suspect that something is terribly wrong, it’s better to reach out to a roofing expert or a roofing company sooner rather than later, as this can save you time and money in the long run.