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When Will Bloodhounds Season 2 Come on Netflix?

When Will Bloodhounds Season 2 Come on Netflix?
Picture. Bloodhounds – Seed Films / Netflix

The South Korean action thriller has made quite an impact with its marvelous action choreography and engaging storytelling. People across the globe have been able to relate to the series which deals with themes of loan sharking, financial extortion, preying over the weak by the rich and powerful, and of course, the fight against all of those evils.

Does the series get a second season though? As of June 13, 2023 there hasn’t been any announcement by Netflix regarding the renewal of Bloodhounds. But we are hoping that it will get a renewal considering the performance it has pulled off in the first week since release.

Video by Netflix K-Content

Netflix has yet to disclose viewership data for the first week but if the top ten charts are any indication, Bloodhounds has killed it. Jason Kim’s Netflix debut features in the top 10 in 86 countries. It is in the top five in the US, UK, Brazil, India, New Zealand, among many other regions. Notably, Bloodhounds got the top rank in South Korea in the first week.

The question is if the show will get another season. Well, the story of the first season is self sufficient. The primary struggle in the story is satisfactorily resolved. The conclusion doesn’t leave much else to be said. But who’s to say that another story cannot be spun off. After all, the show deals with some relatable and global themes.

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If the show does get a renewal, when can you expect it to land on Netflix? There was a gap of 18 months between the commencement of filming and the release of the first season. If we take that as the standard for the show, we cannot expect season 2 before the end of the first quarter of 2025 if filming starts in July. So, it’s going to be a moderately long wait for the fans.

For those of you who’ve not dug into the show yet, it involves youths trying to pay off their debts by engaging in the money lending business when they encounter rich and powerful men who try to prey on the weak.  

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