Where To Hide An Engagement Ring

Where To Hide An Engagement Ring
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We have all seen a movie where the woman accidentally stumbles across her future engagement ring. Or maybe not so accidentally, depending on the movie. Either way, she usually finds it because her partner has struggled to hide it in a smart location. The underwear drawer is not a secret hiding place. 

It’s tradition to keep the engagement ring a secret before popping the question. The ring reveal is one of the best parts of the proposal – along with the romantic gesture and sentimental moment with your partner. There’s no shame in getting excited about a diamond ring, ladies and gentlemen. 

Here are a few places you can hide your partner’s engagement ring before the proposal. 

Keep it in your house

Engagement rings tend to be expensive, and you need to keep it safe. Hide the ring at home, so you know it’s safe and secure in your property. You don’t need to worry about someone stealing it from your desk at work – or stumbling upon it at your best friend’s house. Keep the ring close by so you can take responsibility for its location. 

Loose clothing 

When it comes to proposal day, you will need to hide the ring on you. Many people claim this is the most nerve-wracking part of the engagement. How do you hide a ring box in your clothing? Well, the answer is loose clothing. Wear a jacket over your outfit and hide the box in the inside pocket. Or choose some trousers with deeper pockets to hold the box instead. You could even bring a backpack with the ring tucked safely inside if your clothing won’t cater for it. 

With a family member

It’s tradition to ask the bride’s parents for their blessing. You could share your plans to propose with the parents and then give them a ring to hide. They can keep it safe in their home and away from your curious fiancé. The parents will feel more included in the proposal, and your finance will remain blissfully unaware of the pending proposal. 

High up

Store the ring up high on top of your wardrobe or in the attic. Your partner is unlikely to snoop in hard-to-reach locations. It’s also less likely to get damaged if it’s safely stored away. 

The months before a proposal can turn into the ultimate game of hide and seek. Keep your engagement ring tucked away, so you don’t ruin the big surprise.

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