Which Jobs Are Most In-Demand?

Which Jobs Are Most In-Demand?

Some jobs are heavily oversubscribed. Such jobs often have limited demand – as a result vacancies can come and go very quickly and competition can be fierce. You may also find that such jobs aren’t always secure.

Meanwhile, other jobs are in high demand and are calling out for applicants. These jobs are typically a lot more secure. A greater range of vacancies also gives you more options as to where you want to work – and potentially a greater chance of landing a job.

But what exactly are these jobs? And why are they so in-demand? This post lists some of them, the reason they’re in high demand and what you need to apply.


Many countries right now have a nursing shortage. Hospitals, nursing homes and general practitioner clinics are seeing increases in patients and there are often not enough nurses to attend to all of them. As a result, vacancies are increasing.

Becoming a nurse requires getting a nursing degree in most countries around the world. Similar roles such as porters and carers are also in high demand and so not require any education. Being a nurse is not easy – it’s a fast-paced job in which you can often deal with some difficult people while working long hours. Burnout is common and has contributed to the shortage of nurses. That said, it’s a very secure job that can be incredibly rewarding.


There is also a shortage of teachers right now, particularly at high school level. This is due to the growing population of kids and fewer applicants for teaching roles.

Becoming a teacher requires teaching qualifications. If you’re teaching a subject in high school, you’ll also generally need a college degree in that subject. As with being a nurse, being a teacher does require a lot of responsibility and some long hours, but it’s secure and very rewarding. 

Construction workers

Construction workers are in high demand due to increased construction projects (including houses and infrastructure to keep up with the growing population). There’s currently a shortage of young skilled workers. Meanwhile, more older skilled workers are retiring creating further shortages.

While there are no educational requirements to get into construction, you still need to train and obtain certain qualifications to perform certain roles. Construction is a very physical job, so you also need to be physically able enough. The job does have a lot of security and can be very rewarding, which is one of things that draws many people to it. 

Truck drivers

Our reliance on delivered goods has increased over the last few decades. On top of this, a lot of truck drivers are reaching retirement and there is a shortage of younger drivers taking their place. This has created increased demand for truck drivers.

To drive a truck you need a CDL license. This involves attending a driving school. You’ll also need to pass certain health checks. From here, you can then start to apply for local vacancies. Truck driving is a very secure job and ideal for people that love driving. 


Chefs are also in high demand across the world. This is due to a variety of factors that largely come down to the nature of the work – the high pressure, unsociable hours and tough working conditions is not for everyone, and while there are many applicants to these roles, there is also a high turnover. 

You generally don’t need any qualifications to become a chef, unless you’re working at a top-end restaurant. Providing that you choose to work at the right restaurant, it can be a very secure job. 

Software developers

There is a huge shortage of software developers and engineers. 24 countries around the world reported a shortage, which is a greater amount found than in any other profession. The shortage is largely due to our increased reliance on software and a shortage of qualified tech experts who are able to build and maintain this software.

A degree in software engineering of computer science is typically needed to land this job. Learning to code could be the first important step – once you’ve become competent in a programming language, you’re pretty much half-way there. Software developers are typically paid very well and it can be rewarding work for those that like problem solving. 

Electrical engineers

Electrical engineers are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining electrical systems. Like software development, this is a job that is suffering from a skill shortage – there are not enough people that have the expertise to cope with the increased demand for electrical infrastructure. 

Just how do you become an electrical engineer? Often you need to obtain qualifications in electrical engineering, which often requires an interest in subjects such as maths, physics and computer science. There is often a level of training on the job. Like software developers, electrical engineers are often highly paid.

Civil engineers

Civil engineers help to design various infrastructure from roads to pipelines to railways. As with construction workers, the increased need for new infrastructure is creating a demand. There’s also a skill shortage, largely because it’s a job that many people don’t know about or consider (despite it being so important).

To become a civil engineer, you typically need a degree in civil engineering (subjects like maths, science and geography can be a useful gateway too). Civil engineer roles tend to have a good salary and are very secure.

Graphic designers

If you’re looking for a creative role, graphic design could be a worthy avenue. There is no shortage of graphic design candidates, however this is an industry that is booming as a result of the increased need for online branding and advertising. New graphic design firms are constantly emerging, plus it’s a very easy job to freelance. 

A degree in graphic design will help you to land a job in this career. It can be a great job for those that have an artistic side, plus there is potential for a high salary in the long run. 

Physical therapists

Physical therapy is another industry that is seeing a huge boom. People are living longer and more people are needing help overcoming injuries, illnesses and disabilities that affect mobility. 

A bachelor’s degree or some form of PT qualification is often needed to land this job. It can be a great job for those with an interest in health and fitness and can be fairly well paid. 


Accountancy is a job that many people thought would be lost to automation, however several countries around the world are currently witnessing a shortage of accountants. This is because bookkeeping remains a necessity for many businesses, and while software is helping to automate it at a basic level, human expertise is still being required at a higher level. 

An accountancy degree is typically required in order to become an accountant. This is a great job for people that are competent at maths and who love organization. 

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