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Why Do We Use Emojis?

Why Do We Use Emojis?
Why Do We Use Emojis?

Emoji was introduced to the world in 1981 when it was published in Puck magazine. But it was thoroughly developed and was created by Shigera Kurita, who is an engineer in a Japanese phone company in 1998. Due to the development of social media and the rising demand to communicate with each other, emoji become a staple representation of the feelings and emotions when talking online because it adds some tone and clarity to the conversation.

Emojis are everywhere. You can see smiley faces and winking eyes on a billboard or the heart emoji in all shapes and colors in an advertisement and often in text messages, but why do we use them? When one of the destructive things of using emoji is it can be easily misconstrued or misunderstood. But the thing is, will not be mistaken if you have the proper emoji guide to help you understand its meaning.

To Lighten Up the Mood

When talking about a severe matter or dire situation, people tend to use emoji in order not to make the feeling worse than it should be. Since emoji affects emotions or thought, it is an essential tool to brighten up a dull conversation. The usage of emojis and its incorporation in humor will not drag the interaction to awkwardness as emoji will not overwhelm the conversation when appropriately used.

Communicate When Words Fail

There are a lot of things that words cannot cater to. Thus, we always seek an alternative as to how we convey our feelings and emotions in a conversation. In expressing our happiness, we can use happy emoji. When sad, you can use the crying emoji and other more. The kind of visual presentation helps them to recognize the intensity and sensation that we want them to feel.

Also, some people have a hard time expressing their feelings. So instead of articulating lengthy sentences that may not be enough to show or explain what you are expressing, then I suggest that using emoji will be an excellent substantiation and representation of the feeling bubbling inside you. At this point, the person you are having the conversation can clearly visualize the sense of what you are feeling—the excitement, anguish, and laughter.

To Soften the Blow

Sometimes we say something that may be kind of offensive or hurtful to others that you are just ordinary. In this case, that problem can be alleviated by the use of emojis. Especially when posting on social media like, for example, when you saw a post on Twitter that tweeted incorrect information, and you are afraid to correct them because they might view it as offensive.

Why Do We Use Emojis?
Why Do We Use Emojis?

The use of emoji in this matter is that making them know that you are sincere in correcting them. And that you will not be tagged as rude and will not be misunderstood. This critical nature of correcting someone with the use of emoji would be an implication of earnestness rather than being impolite.

Easing up the Criticism

In the workplace, as an employee, what would you feel if your boss sends you an email attaching some of your negative feedbacks that he saw. Still, somehow that negative criticism is incorporated with positive emojis? Well, in that, it would lessen the impact of the negativity and that you, as an employee, would not feel terrible about the message.

In this situation, emoji helps the employee or people not to feel bad about themselves but will get the positive side of the negative feedback to do better next time and improve themselves more to give satisfaction to the job or work.


Emoji is continuing to take over the world as it is continuously developing and evolving since; a lot of people are craving more representation. There are more than one thousand eight hundred emoji that are circulating online today, and it is still growing. The growth of technology and online platform contributed as to why emoji is labeled as a millennial language.

Emoji is now a big part of every electronic communication, and this plays a crucial role in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and many more. Using emoji may be quite addictive and fun in the sense that they make it easier for us to express and convey our emotions, feelings, and sensations. Emoji also make the meaning of our intention clearer and vividly.

People want something easy, and emoji does not require a lot of words when expressing your emotions. Emojis, on the other hand, is not labeled. So, their meaning relies on its usage. But it is commonly used the thought, emotion, and feeling expressed can be easily identified and understood in the context.