Why Ecommerce Businesses Should Use Website Popups

Why Ecommerce Businesses Should Use Website Popups

If you want to make more online sales, consider adding popups to your site. Read this article to get to know about the goals this tool will help you to achieve!

More and more ecommerce businesses realize the importance of email popups. This tool can help you to make more sales, boost your customer loyalty and maximize your revenue. In this article, we’ll list the main reasons for using email popups. You’ll get to know which types of popups are the most efficient and how to benefit from them.

Increase Sales and Loyalty with Free Shipping Promotions

Almost one-half of consumers confess they might discard the purchase if they find out they need to pay extra for shipping. And if you offer free shipping, people will be likely to finalize the order and come back later for more. Feel free to use popups to inform your clients about free shipping while they’re still choosing the products.

Convert New Visitors with a Discount

When a new client visits your site, you can show them a popup that announces a discount. To get the offer, the person should share their email address with you. You’ll be able to send them your newsletters and marketing offers. In exchange, they will receive an individual promo code that they will be able to insert before transferring funds to you.

Boost Order Sizes with Threshold Offers

The term “threshold” means that the consumer needs to add products with a certain minimum price to their basket to get a special offer (such as a discount or free shipping). Such an approach enables you to avoid sacrificing your profit margin too much. The results of the research carried out by Harris Interactive and UPS reveal that 39% of consumers would purchase enough to get free shipping.

Let’s back up this theory with two real-life email popup examples. “Congratulations! You qualify for free shipping!” — this is the copy for the popup that you can show to customers who have reached the threshold. “Spend $20 more and get free shipping!” — such a popup can be targeted at clients who haven’t reached the threshold yet.

Offer a Gift with the Purchase

You might be surprised by how emotional people become when you offer them small free gifts. It can be a bottle opener with your brand logo, a keychain, stickers or any other nice trinket. By distributing such items among your target audience, you achieve at least three goals:

  • Clear out excess inventory
  • Promote your brand beyond your website
  • Strengthen customer relationships

To get the gift, clients should complete the purchase — and they will be glad to do it.

Reduce Bounce Rates and Convert Visitors with Exit Offers

Only about 2% of your site visitors tend to convert. As for the remaining 98%, you may try to prevent them from leaving with exit intent popups. Use this chance to remind people about the benefits of your business and attract their attention to your promotional offers.

Cart Exit Offers for Abandoned Cart Prevention

We list this separately from exit intent popups because in this case, the client needs to make just one step to finalize the purchase. Instead of asking them to share their email address with you, it would be wiser to offer them a promo code to motivate them to come back to their cart. Thanks to this trick, you’ll reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

Boost Lead Generation and PPC ROI with Contests

Contests are indispensable for generating new leads. Here is what you can do:

  • Announce a contest among your clients
  • Encourage them to share their email addresses with you
  • Give them lottery tickets in exchange for their contact details

That’s a very low barrier of entry. Your visitors will be glad to realize you care so much about them.

Many retailers complain about low conversion rates of their PPC campaigns. They invest a lot of funds and effort into driving traffic to their sites but very few visitors convert. Contests are great because they show immediate value to new shoppers, thus boosting your ROI.

Build Your Email List with Gated Content

The term “gated” means that only those clients who have shared their email addresses with you can access some valuable content (such as a look book, a collection of recipes or a guide). It’s a superb way of building your email list without distributing any discounts or free products.

Drive On-Site Engagement with Holiday-Themed Promotions

As holidays approach, use your chance to engage consumers with themed marketing emails! They will appreciate it that you have updated your site for the special occasion. It’s a fantastic time to run sales as well as improve people’s trust and loyalty to your brand.

Collect Customer Info with Multi-Field Forms

The fewer fields a form has, the more likely your customers will be to fill it in. The largest form shouldn’t feature more than four fields. You may consider the clients who fill it in to be your warmest leads. You can ask them to share information that you can use to better target your offers at them. For instance, if your sell sneakers, you can ask the client to specify their shoe size.

Direct Traffic Effectively with Navigation Popups

You probably want your site visitors to open those pages that can drive the most sales for you. But what if consumers have different intentions? To push them in the right direction, you can show them a navigation popup that features a clear call-to-action link and explains why people should click it.

Verify Traffic with an Age Verification Popup

This measure is essential for online stores that sell age-restricted products or services. Before they can access your site, users need to confirm that they have already come of age. A popup is the easiest and the most visually appealing way of doing so.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand why ecommerce businesses love using email popups so much. This tool enables you to expand your email list, boost conversions and strengthen consumers’ relationships with your brand. People will pay more attention to your promotional offers and will be more likely to finalize their purchases.

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