Why More People Are Biking In NYC

Why More People Are Biking In NYC
Why More People Are Biking In NYC

The events of the past eight months have changed the way people act and think across the U.S. Many people have taken to the outdoors and exercise for solace in unpredictable times, and that has certainly been the case when it comes to bicycling. It’s a safe way to get outdoors and social distancing is easy to accomplish. Those who live in New York City have taken to biking in large numbers. City officials say biking has increased by about 26% over last year, especially on weekends where ridership has gone up 57%. Automated bike counters have recorded the greatest activity on the Pulaski Bridge between Greenpoint and Long Island City. 500 watt electric bicycles has also given cyclists a mode of travel that is fun, comfortable and efficient. A perfect bike for city riding has safety features such as bells, lights and mirrors, and convenience features such as baskets for carrying personal items.

More About Bike Choices

New York riders now have an excellent choice of city bicycles for their travels in the city. This style of bike comes in many choices, but it typically includes upright handlebars, medium-width tires, an ergonomic design and front and rear fenders. Bikes also come with several other options:

  • Different models
  • Electric or traditional
  • 250W or 500W motor
  • Gear choices
  • Color options
  • Tire choices

With all these choices, a person can find a bike they will enjoy for a long time. Just as importantly, a correct fit on the bike increases enjoyment and cuts down on aches and pains after a lengthy ride. A city bike is tough and durable and is made to navigate city streets, bicycle lanes, park paths and more. With so many options, New York riders have come to experience the pleasures of their city in new ways.

More Info About Bikes for Ladies

With the sizable uptick in bikers in the city, efforts are underway to increase the safety level in the city. This could mean the building of more bike lanes in the near future as well as smart techniques to keep bikers and vehicle traffic separated. More riders of course means more female riders. Fortunately, a wide range of womens bikes for sale are designed for just this segment of the population. Bike styles include hybrid, commuter, comfort and fat tire, all of which will be right at home in the city. Most of the designs have an easy step-through frame that make getting on and off the bike safe and quick.

For female bikers looking for the maximum in safety, a number of adult tricycle bikes almost completely eliminate the possibility of falling. These stable models aren’t built for speed, but they still allow riders to take part in the pleasures of biking in city parks and quiet neighborhoods. They can be customized to assure the perfect fit and look, and they also have the ability to carry more items than other bikes. Shop online now and get the bike of your dreams, There is still time to take part in the New York City renaissance of bike riding in 2020.

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