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Why Punters Opt For Crypto Casinos

Why Punters Opt For Crypto Casinos

Innovation appeals to the hearts of many of us if it brings independence, freedom and convenience to everyday life. Today, what began as a project a few years ago is an expensive digital currency with more benefits than just those listed.

And now the popularity of cryptocurrencies in online casinos is due to their advantages and notable differences from other alternatives available to attract our money.

Obviously, the reason for its popularity in the online gambling sector goes beyond its versatility and transparency, so today we will find out this and many other reasons why the number of crypto casino players is growing every day and why playing at crypto casino sites nowadays is a most suitable way for gambling. 

Advantages to Choose Cryptocurrencies for Gambling in an Online Casino

As far as money is concerned, it is better for us to have a lot more money on hand, which is what we achieve by choosing cryptocurrencies for withdrawals and deposits at online casinos. From many points, start gambling with crypto is the best way to achieve success. Fundraising fees are really minimal with cryptocurrencies, and this is due to the lack of intermediaries in this technology. 

The services offered by banks are quite different, as they usually charge fees for transactions made through transfers, debit and credit cards. Before receiving our winnings from an online casino, we have to wait for the intermediaries to conduct various verification processes, in addition to the casino authentication process, which can take from several minutes to several hours. Accordingly, we can receive our money within 7 days after the withdrawal request.

However, users who use cryptocurrencies in online casinos have already forgotten what a long waiting time for the withdrawal of their funds is, since they use a decentralized, secure and reliable system, where transactions are transmitted in a blockchain and executed automatically.

Profit Multiplication

Cryptocurrencies are currently flourishing, and indeed, they have experienced some shocking drops, but also some good rises that have yielded significant returns for those who choose to invest in them.

Participating in casino games for fun can provide us with useful returns to increase our investments in cryptocurrencies. This suggests that we can continue to play online casino games responsibly and use our winnings wisely for investments that can bring us returns in the medium term.


Cryptocurrency transactions are made through a blockchain mechanism, which consists of a chain of blocks, making it more secure than the previous block.

In various aspects, this is an advantage because no transaction can be changed, deleted or viewed once it has been issued. Moreover, the system has SSL encryption certificates that prevent any tampering or fraud and guarantee complete anonymity to users.

Better Bonuses and Promotions

Regarding cryptocurrency casinos, chances are that these gaming sites offer better bonuses compared to hybrid casinos or those whose payment alternatives are entirely traditional.

For example, while the best of the traditional casinos may offer bonuses up to €2,000 when making a deposit, a cryptocurrency casino may offer bonuses denominated in BTC, their equivalent in euros would be higher than that amount.

Why are Cryptocurrencies Popular in Online Casinos?

The key benefits of cryptocurrencies have to do with security, transparency and privacy of personal data and funds, and this is really important, especially when starting to play on a new site.

Recognizing that it is indeed a secure payment alternative, cryptocurrencies continue to surprise us with the absence of the extra interest normally charged by banking institutions for this service. And an unexpected bonus: the wait to receive your winnings is also not an obstacle.

To start playing, we suggest you go to the best platform in this segment of the market CoinPlay, and we can point out that CoinPlay has a very good catalog of games, with excellent table games, different types of slots and popular games, from the most classic to the most innovative, as well as a good live casino. Playing at CoinPlay with cryptocurrencies is really profitable for both bitcoin casinos and online casinos.

Top Crypto Used in Online Casinos

Since the introduction of digital currency, the number of crypto casinos has increased significantly. Crypto casinos have many advantages, and players are turning to them to take advantage of these benefits. Some of the most used cryptocurrencies include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • Dogecoin
  • Solana

For example, the CoinPlay platform supports an impressive portfolio of cryptocurrencies, it is up to the user to choose. CoinPlay supports 50+ cryptocurrencies including the most popular ones: Bitcoin, Eth, USDT, Litecoin, TRON, Solana and others.


The reality is that crypto casinos offer their users a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is the simplicity of the registration process. Many crypto casinos make it possible to register with just one click. Just connect your cryptocurrency e-wallet to your casino account, and you’re done.

Another important advantage of cryptocurrency casinos is instant transactions. Due to the fact that your crypto wallet is directly linked to your account, money transfers are processed much faster compared to alternative payment methods such as bank transactions. In addition, cryptocurrency payments are rarely taxed.

Last but not least, players who choose a cryptocurrency casino get access to great bonuses and promotions for both new and registered users.

All of the above tells us one thing: playing in a cryptocurrency casino is much more profitable and convenient, and it is sure to bring a good experience and profit in your pocket. Despite this, it is important that a person focuses on finding a reliable platform and developing a strategy that will lead to winning the game and bring good fun.

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