Why Your Business Needs More Focus on Design

Why Your Business Needs More Focus on Design
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Design is everywhere, whether it’s traditional such as interior or exterior design, there is a digital design, plus so many other aspects of design. A lot of them can impact a business. While it’s obvious that product design or graphic design can greatly affect a company, it can at times be a little too hard to believe that something such as interior or exterior design can have the same effect. Needless to say, design should not be neglected as all aspects of it have so much power. On top of that, it’s also very important to aim towards standing out amongst a large crowd.

Even with the internet, it can still be a struggle to just get a chance to have our voices heard. To be recognized, it’s important to understand that a business must be innovative and think out of the box. The power of design can do that as well.  These are some tips for standing out from your competitors through the beauty of design! 

Begin by taking a look at your branding strategy

When it comes to getting your brand and your strategy, you don’t need to go the traditional route as many businesses do. Currently, there are design aesthetics that are considered to be trendy, but just because they’re trendy today doesn’t mean they’ll be trending tomorrow, right? It’s important to maintain a timeless branding scheme so you don’t have to resort to changing it every couple of years. Some of the biggest brands to date, such as Starbucks, are recognized for thinking outside of the box.

Not only does it make a logo so much easier for people in and out of the industry to recognize, but it also creates a statement that reflects personality.  It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product, service, or anything for that matter. You want to avoid being bare-bones and looking like everyone else. This can even include the brand name itself.

Look at other designers work

When it comes to creating a strong brand strategy that can withstand the tests of time, think about how designers are doing their designs. You want the designs in your brand to work, so looking at other successful brands and their branding and design strategies will help a lot. You need to know what you’re up against so looking at your competitors and industry leaders will be a good step in the right direction.

 It doesn’t hurt to even take a look at a brand that you’re not even up against. This gives you an idea of what type of elements you’ll need to implement within your design but it also gives you the chance to gain some inspiration as well. This will then allow you to have an idea of what you’d like to do in order to achieve a timeless and achievable brand design.

Understand that the logo isn’t everything

While it’s completely true that the logo for your business is important, as it will represent your brand. That isn’t the only design you need to keep in mind. You need to have consistency and to achieve consistency, you’ll need to have a proper layout. This layout can include using a cohesive color scheme that represents your brand’s colors, the style of your photos, the style of the products, and even the style that the brand is trying to achieve in general.

This can also include filters and certain aesthetics you’re hoping to achieve as well.  Not everything in terms of design is about the logo as the brand design goes much further than that. You need to have consistency, but you also need to have a persona.

You need to have your own aesthetic and it needs to work everywhere

Apart from achieving a successful design for your brand includes having a consistent aesthetic. This consistent aesthetic can be used for a physical product, for web design for your website, it can even include digital media content. Overall, you want to establish a cohesive aesthetic that is going to stick to your brand for many years to come. Remember, brand aesthetics are more than just a business name, a slogan, a flashy logo, or even beautiful imagery. Yes, these are all a major part of it, it’s still crucial to recognize that it’s only a small part of the bigger picture. These can even bleed through to real life such as products, interior design, and printed advertising.

Product packaging

Product packing has now become one of the leading types of designs that customers seek when making physical purchases. The “unboxing” experience for packages was once something that was meant for luxury items but now that and transferred to multiple large and small businesses looking to create a joyful unboxing experience for their customers.  It’s true that custom packaging helps in building a brand that’s uniquely yours.

This can be easily proven as many large and small businesses look into utilizing custom packaging such as their logo on the box, tissue paper, and other components of the products they’re selling.  This also allows for a personal touch from the brand itself.  For many small businesses that are looking to design a unique boxing experience, some ideas that are often utilized include:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Twine
  • Stickers
  • Freebies
  • Thank you cards
  • Coupons
  • Wax seal stamps

Customers enjoy having a unique unboxing experience, and this also reminds them of why they chose to purchase from your business. This personal touch tends to go a long way.

Interior design for a business

The appearance of an office or wherever you’re running your business has the power to make a massive impact on first impressions and how everyone is going to feel when they enter. It’s important to always look at the interior design as this is going to affect the mood, atmosphere, and even the work performance. The interior design of a business also has the ability to shine a light on the company culture. If an office is cluttered, it immediately signals how unorganized your business is. The satisfaction of your work environment is crucial as it will help tie in the branding for your business.

Look into the color

The psychology of color can make a massive impact on space. While it tends to go unnoticed, color does have the ability to affect moods. A great way to achieve a mix of coziness and color would be through commercial wall décor that can be found here. You’ll also want to check the color of the décor and the color of the furniture as well. While it’s very important to match some of the color schemes that you have for your logo, if some of the colors have a more negative effect on the mood such as navy blue or black, then it’s best to just display those sparingly.


The décor in an office space is also going to have the power to give off a nice sense of the company culture. This can also include the brand aesthetics as well. If your brand has a down-to-earth and cozy aesthetic, then try to implement that in the décor as well. There can be a wide variety of décor which a business can utilize in their workspace, this can include rugs, wall décor, plants, desk knick-knacks, and even light fixtures.

In general, it’s best to just have fun with your business and do some research along with some experimentation to figure out what will work. Design is incredibly important to a business and it cannot be neglected whatsoever. All the different types of design aspects are only going to grow in importance for businesses so it’s best to get started early in figuring out what works best for your business, you, and your target audience.

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