Why Your Next Car Should Be a Hatchback

Why Your Next Car Should Be a Hatchback

Whether you are a first-time driver on the lookout for your very first car, or a seasoned driver thinking about switching up your daily motor, chances are you’re struggling to pick from a rich and diverse automotive market. However, a clear contender emerges from all possibilities in the form of the humble hatchback. Hatchbacks dominate best-seller lists year after year, cementing their place not only as a favourite of driving critics but also of the UK’s driving population. Their popularity is not ill-founded, and the following represent crucial reasons your next car should be a hatchback.


One of the key draws for the hatchback in this day and age is their compact form. They are built for city driving, able to navigate tight roads and tighter corners, and sized to find parking in the smallest of spaces. Hatchbacks are incredibly useful for crossing the city, and their fuel efficiency can mean less expenditure from city driving – and less pollution to boot. Their excellent handling capabilities make them a dream for newer drivers, who might also feel more confident judging the size of their vehicle.

More Headroom

Despite the compact size, hatchbacks actually offer more vertical space inside than their saloon alternatives. This extra space can be a godsend, especially where ferrying passengers is concerned. Back seat space is greatly increased in hatchbacks compared to saloons and sedans with longer wheelbases and sloped rear windows. This additional space ensures backseat passengers are comfortable and at ease, making for a smooth ride all round. The increased headroom can also be found in the front, allowing drivers to sit straight – and drive safer as a result. Newer hatchbacks are taking cues from the success of the hybrid SUV, sitting higher on the road and giving drivers a better line-of-sight, coupled with increased headroom. 

Family Friendly

The increased internal space confers benefits in other ways, making the hatchback the perfect vehicle for growing families. One of the main reasons hatchbacks enjoy more internal space is the raised roof profile, done to provide more vertical boot space and easier access – in turn, increasing the amount of cargo space available for family shops or prams and cradles. The rear space available generally provides ample room for installing car booster seats, ensuring the comfort and safety of younger children without too much wrangling.


Hatchbacks tend to be on the more affordable end of the spectrum with regard to upfront purchase costs – and can be procured for even lower costs via personal car leasing deals. They also represent lower running costs, as hatchbacks tend to be more fuel efficient, attract lower insurance premiums and result in lower yearly road tax payments. The second-hand market for hatchbacks is robust, and hatchbacks tend to retain their value as a result – meaning if you own your hatchback outright you can be sure to make most of your money back.