Why Your Startup Needs The Right Name

Why Your Startup Needs The Right Name
Why Your Startup Needs The Right Name
Amazon, Apple and Google were the world’s  most powerful and recognizable brands in 2019, according to CNBC, and startup entrepreneurs should choose brand names that rival the memorable names of these business giants. While selecting a business name may sound like a simple task, doing it right means considering a lot of variables and elements. The perfect business name has the power to stay in people’s minds  and inspire brand loyalty. Here are some reasons why your startup needs a ‘brandable’ name, as well as practical tips that will help you to find a name that makes it easier to hit the target with consumers.

Great business names drive more business

A good business name will set the stage for business success by letting the market know what your company is all about. Ideally, a business name should also share information about what your business offers. After all, we can’t all be industry leaders like Amazon, Apple,= and Google, who’ve taken the world by storm by virtue of the unique products and services they provide. We need to start by informing the public about what we provide before we can create bona fide business empires.
With this in mind, startups owners should look for business names that explain to consumers what they are all about. A good business name will help to drive business to your virtual door, or to a bricks-and-mortar business location. It will also motivate you as a startup owner by becoming a powerful distillation of what you intend to provide. An excellent name may also feature keywords that people use to search for companies. For example, a flower delivery service should have “flowers” in the name.

The perfect business name will have positive connotations

NameStormers asserts that many successful startup entrepreneurs seek out assistance to find the ideal business names. It is possible to outsource the task of naming a company to professionals who have experience coming up with business names that encapsulate the benefits and purposes of companies. A great business name will  have no negative connotations, and pros who brainstorm business names for clients do know how to find positive names that help to build brand recognition. If you’re struggling to come up with a name that has it all, consider outsourcing the task, as finding the right name is essential to brand-building.

Business names are unique ads for companies

A business name is an ad in itself. To ensure that your business name is an ad for your company only, you will need to make sure that it’s unique. There are millions of companies out there, so this can actually be a little tricky.  The Government of Canada recommends that business owners do careful research, as business owners cannot legally utilize names that have already been registered. In addition, the federal government states that names which are categorized as “very similar” are not permitted. National name databases exist which allow prospective business owners to search business names at federal and provincial levels. Use these resources to make sure you’re choosing a business name that is yours alone.
As you can see, finding the right business name is the key to making a startup shine. Without a catchy and informative name, it may be hard for even the worthiest startup to resonate with consumers, so be sure to hunt for a name that has all the bells and whistles.

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