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Will Jesse Spencer Returns on Chicago Fire 11 Finale – Will He Return Full-Time?

Will Jesse Spencer Returns on Chicago Fire 11 Finale - Will He Return Full-Time?

Over 11 seasons, Chicago Fire has captivated audiences with its stellar mix of nail-biting firefighting scenes, character-driven narratives, and the exploration of the complexities in the lives of the first responders. The NBC show is adept at creating cliffhangers and emotionally charged moments that force the audiences to come back for more.

The season finale of Chicago Fire has successfully piqued the excitement of the viewers especially with the return of Jesse Spencer. Matt Casey, played by Spencer, reappeared in the season finale after having left the show in late 2021. As the story went, Matt had moved to Portland but he couldn’t resist the pull from Chicago, especially from his beloved Sylvie.

We knew things were going to get complicated when Matt and Sylvie decided to try a long distance relationship. As expected, it didn’t work out, and Sylvie started dating Dylan. Interestingly, Matt also confessed dating someone whereas he wasn’t nearly over Sylvie. When Matt returned to town, Dylan became insecure and it ruined his relationship with Sylvie. Amidst the ups and downs, Sylvie declares that she’s adopting a baby girl.

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Matt, inspired by Sylvie’s excitement, decides to make an unexpected move. Down on one knee, he presents Sylvie with a diamond ring. Sylvie was visibly taken by surprise when the screen went dark. That’s a cliffhanger if you’ve ever seen one. 

Now, there hasn’t been any casting announcement for the upcoming season of Chicago fire. Will Spencer come back in a full-time role? There’s no reason to not hope for his full-time return in the next season. However, in an interview with Deadline, Spencer expressed openness towards returning for some episodes of the next season but hasn’t affirmed the chances of a full-time return.

Additionally, Mouche’s life hangs in the balance after being struck by a stray bullet, adding a sad note to the ending. The future of the show is a little uncertain with the writer’s strike in progress. Fans might have to sustain a long wait before they know the future of Matt and Mouche. 

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