William Shatner Was Behind The Wheel When The Crash Took Place

William Shatner Was Behind The Wheel When The Crash Took Place

On Tuesday afternoon, William Shatner was captured after being engaged in a car accident in Studio City, California. At the time of the crash, the 90-year-old actor seemed to be driving a black Mercedes SUV. In the truck were his two dogs. However, the accident was a serious one but there were no injuries to anyone.

William Shatner 90 did a car crash

Shatner’s Mercedes is seen sitting near a parking metre with damage to the front end of the SUV in photos taken at the scene of the collision. A little silver automobile belonging to an unnamed woman suffered front end damage and seemed to have been driven up into the curb. Moreover it has also suffered some serious dents on the body.

No report as there were no injuries

Although, Shatner’s representatives did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Fox News. According to a representative for the Los Angeles Police Department, the officer who arrived on the scene did not submit an accident report since there were no injuries.

The first man to fly in space with Star Trek

According to the publication, the star and the lady did share information. Shatner died in a vehicle accident just two months after becoming the oldest person to fly to space. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket took the “Star Trek” actor to space. When he returned, he told Bezos about his adventure.

You’ve accomplished something… I mean, whatever those other men are up to, I have no idea. What you’ve given me has been the most profound experience I’ve ever had “According to media reports, Shatner said. “I’m overcome with emotion as a result of what just occurred. It’s simply… it’s incredible. It’s very remarkable.” “I’m hoping I’ll never be able to recover from this. I’m hoping to keep the feelings I’m experiencing right now. I don’t want to throw it away.

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