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Windows 11 Review: Microsoft’s Most Pleasant OS Misses Few Things

Windows 11 Review: Microsoft’s Most Pleasant OS Misses Few Things

Windows 11 review: Microsoft’s most pleasant OS—until it isn’t. The good, the bad, and the ugly of Windows 11!

What is special about Windows 11? There were a lot of issues with Windows 10. Microsoft launched the 11th version to get rid of the issues. The users are really happy with the new version. It has a great interface. The best thing is that you can enjoy browsing on the internet effectively. The website can be enjoyed to the core because of the creative interface. Because of the autopilot mode, one can enjoy using the software.

After months of testing early releases and the shipping release this week (here’s how to get your hands on it), it’s apparent that Microsoft isn’t attempting to solve anything with Windows 11.


  • The most gleaming Windows to date
  • As quick as Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 users get a free upgrade.
  • More robust security features


  • New taskbar and start menu are difficult to understand.
  • Restrictions on upgrading outdated hardware
  • For Home setup, you’ll need an Internet connection and a Microsoft account.

What’s brand new?

At first sight, Windows 11 review may appear to be a significant change from Microsoft’s standard desktop style, which dates back to Windows 95. The taskbar is still there. But by default, all of your icons are now centered because of the new set up. The Start menu got updated, and it now includes pinned and suggested applications.

Easy Browsing

Windows 11 review greets you with a succession of setup windows that seem like you’re browsing through a spa brochure when you first turn on your computer. While you wait, log into your Wi-Fi (or connect over Ethernet), input your Microsoft credentials, and perhaps get a cucumber water.

Excellent run because of auto pilot

You may disable advertising IDs, which eliminates ad tracking, and opt out of transmitting diagnostic data to Microsoft, just as you do with Windows 10. However, you won’t have many other options; the setup procedure will effectively run on autopilot until you see the new desktop.

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