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Wordle: A Game That Rocked Our World

Wordle: A Game That Rocked Our World

A word game has just hit the market, and boy, it is going viral. Players are giving this game higher ratings and reviews. They are not only calling it, The Sensation but also gloriously addictive.

But that is not all this game consists of. First, it is not an app, and second yes, you guessed it, it is FREE!

Josh Wardle, a software engineer, is the brain behind this game. He created this in-browser word game in 2021. The game began with just 90 players. In November, this number increased to 2 million.

The game is simple. After all, you just have to guess the five-letter word for which you get six guesses. The factors that draw players towards it is that this game is very easy, and the objective of Wordle is to guess the word in a few tries. Sounds fun?

Wordle: A Game That Rocked Our World

Kirsten W. Larson, an author of a Los Angeles-based children’s book, loves the game. She told Fox News Digital that the thing she loved about the game was that it contained no notification. She also revealed that many people had given thumbs up to this game. Players are posting their game scores on Facebook, Kirsten said.

So how do you play this fantastic game?

Playing Wordle is easy. Just guess the five-letter words in six chances or less. The first step is to identify the letter you want to complete the puzzle. You also have to select the position where you need to place the alphabet. Then the game tells you if the letter and its position are correct or not. So you have to carefully choose both the correct alphabet and select the correct position of the letter. 

The green colour indicates that the position of the letter is correct. The yellow colour tells you that the placement of the letter chosen is incorrect even if the letter fits. The grey colour is the one you should be afraid of. If you get a grey colour indication, then it means the letter is wrong.

So what are you waiting for? Just log in and ENJOY!


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