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Xiaomi Introduces New Concept Wireless AR Glasses

Xiaomi Introduces New Concept Wireless AR Glasses

The concept Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition shares the same chip as Meta’s Quest Pro

Despite the skepticism that there may not be enough technology in the world to make AR a reality, Xiaomi has made it happen with its Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition. This pair of oversized sunglasses feature a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1. It is capable of blending the digital and real worlds without needing to connect physically with any smartphone.

At only 126g (4.4 ounces), Xiaomi maximized the overall weight with a composition of magnesium-titanium alloy and carbon fiber components. Plus, it comes equipped with an exclusively created silicon-oxygen anode battery designed to lessen the physical burden on users. 

The AR glass contains two micro OLED displays attached to two “light-guiding” prisms so pixel dense that your eyes cannot identify the squares. Moreover, you will experience less brightness loss than with other close-up display solutions — up to 1,200nits of peak brightness. For maximum immersion into virtual worlds, the front lenses are electrochromic. It allows for automatic dimming when focusing on a VR environment.

With the incorporation of advanced hand-tracking, a revolutionary new way of user interaction has been created. Just like in Minority Report, you can now flick and tap around the Web (or videos) with ease. A concept video showed a person looking at their smart light and deactivating it by merely flicking an imaginary switch hovering over the device itself. The AR glasses can also be used for productivity purposes.

Unfortunately, since this is still a concept device there is no word on price or availability. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase one of these devices, we would not recommend setting up a separate savings fund for it unless you have an extreme level of patience.

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