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You Can Play the Game that OpenAI’s ChatGPT Just Invented

You Can Play the Game that OpenAI’s ChatGPT Just Invented

Chatbots are revolutionizing the internet landscape, and now they’re making a bold entrance into our games. Although we attempted to get ChatGPT to play with us in “I spy”, it couldn’t since it’s eye-less. It instead has come up with something else entirely remarkable.

Daniel Tait has broken new ground with the first-ever game imagined and created by ChatGPT. On the Puzzled Penguin Substack page, you can play this unique invention called “Sumplete“. 

Tait ingeniously utilized AI to craft a never-before-seen game based on the prompt: “can you invent a logic puzzle similar to Sudoku that doesn’t currently exist.” The outcome? Competent and successful, albeit slightly unoriginal. Even more impressive, he got ChatGPT to generate an HTML and Javascript version of this new game. 

Although “Sumplete” won’t likely reach the heights of Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay, it is a surprisingly entertaining and playable spin on Sudoku. This hints at the fact that Artificial Intelligence could be an invaluable resource for game developers in the near future.


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