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You Can Scuba Dive 40 Meters with the New Apple Watch Ultra

You Can Scuba Dive 40 Meters with the New Apple Watch Ultra

To say that the Apple Watch Ultra is an upgrade from the S8 series is an understatement. The Ultra has a length of 49mm which does not sound like a lot more than the 45mm S8 but as far as the features go there have been some major changes. It is safe to say that Apple has finally entered the big league of diving watches and athletic watches in general. While it might yet not be a serious competition for a Garmin, it will surely make even some of the Garmin loyalists curious.

The Ultra measures 49mm in length, 44mm in width, and a little over 14mm in height. So, for a person with petite wrists, it might feel like a big watch. But word has it that it feels smaller on your hand than you might expect. At 61.3 grams it is quite hefty but also durable. It feels like a product you can rely on while playing a high-performance sport. In fact, professional swimmers can give it a go.

The multi-band GPS added to the watch makes it a great fit if you are someone who likes to wander off –  maybe a hike on the Appalachian trails. It has an improved gyroscope, and g accelerometer, for better crash detection. They have made a great improvement in the always-on display. The brightness goes up to 2000nits making it easy to view under direct sunlight. The big screen, three array mics, and cellular connectivity make it a solid fit for the general public who just wants the biggest Apple watch.

The battery deserves special mention. It is the first Apple Watch that you can wear for 36 hours without charging. With the power-saving mode on, which disables most features other than the essentials like GPS, you can go 60 hours without charging the watch. 

The action button is another great addition to the Ultra. When you’re exercising and your hands are sweaty, you want a reliable, physical button to swap between views on the watch. The action button caters to that need. Overall, for a $799 the Apple Watch Ultra is a gem.     

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