Your Business Has A Name: So, Where Should You Put It?

Your Business Has A Name: So, Where Should You Put It?

Every marketing company will tell you that branding is important. One of the most important parts of your branding is your company name, and there is a lot you can do with this useful marketing tool. You can incorporate it into your logo or put it in unlikely places for your customers to see.

Getting your name out there is essential to drawing attention to your business and creating brand awareness. Marketing teams mean this literally. So, where are the best places to put the name of your business to get customers coming to your door? Read on to find out.

Social Media

Social media is something that everyone will be familiar with in the modern world. There are plenty of different social media platforms around, from Twitter to Instagram. Businesses can use social media as a marketing tool. This is because they can target content for specific audiences, meaning they reach more potential customers. Many more social media sites have sprung up in the last ten years, meaning businesses have to be constantly thinking about how to target content.

With all these sites present at the same time, marketing on these pages is cheaper than ever. You can choose to buy up ad space to put your name on these sites or start a page of your own to interact with your customers in real-time. Whatever option you choose, you are sure to get a lot of eyes on your brand name if you put it on social media.

Search Engines

With the internet providing us all with a wealth of information at our fingertips, search engines are there to help you sift through this information using keywords and other simple criteria. If these sites did not exist, you would never find anything you are looking for. Fortunately, your business can turn the search engines to your advantage.

Since every modern company has a website nowadays, your customers are likely to come across thousands of companies that provide the exact product that you do. However, they are only ever going to click on the top three or four results before deciding on which service to use. Therefore, you want to ensure that your site is at the top of these results whenever someone searches for the aspects that are relevant to your business.

You can do this by including SEO on your website. Search engine optimization places keywords on your site or adds links to valuable websites so that your name is more likely to come up when customers search the web using the words most associated with your company. This means that they are more likely to click on your site and use your service over others.


While you are still in the online space, you may also want to consider targeting people’s emails with your company name. Email is now one of the most popular forms of communication, so people are sifting through their inboxes daily. Why not take advantage of this and ensure that your company name pops up among these emails?

Data retention is an important part of marketing, and you can use it to acquire a list of email addresses. Use these to target key customers with your company name and they will have it in the back of their minds the next time they are in need of the services you provide. You can even use these emails to include a special offer, ensuring that these clients use your business instead of another competitor. 

Work Uniforms

Providing your staff with professionally-made work uniforms fulfills several functions. The first is that they provide your employees with a durable outfit to wear every day, so they save money and do not have to worry about their own clothes getting ruined on the job. The second is that it helps unify your staff under one banner, making everyone feel like part of a team.

However, the most important reason to provide your staff with work uniforms is that it gives you a marketing opportunity. You can use a custom t-shirt wholesaler like Bolt Printing to get cheap t-shirt printing done. You can have your company name or logo placed onto these uniforms so that your customers will see your branding wherever your staff happen to go. When your employees act responsibly or professionally in front of these individuals, it instills a positive association with your business. Therefore, they are more likely to use your company or spread positive word of mouth.

Work Vehicles

Supplying your staff with branded work uniforms is a cost-effective method of spreading your company name around the local community, but you can take this idea one step further. Car wraps can print new designs on your company vehicles, meaning that your name will be carried around while your staff is performing mandatory duties.

These wraps can be quite expensive, but it does add an extra layer of professionalism to your business. What’s more, you never know how far your business’s name will travel when attached to a car. You can expose an entirely new section of the population to your brand without even trying.

Local Events

If you take a look in your local paper or online, you will notice that states up and down the country are always trying to get people to attend local events. These activities often take over an entire town or city, and the aim is normally focused on providing a good experience, and potentially raising some funds. Some of the methods used to achieve this include music events, or putting on a show. Local businesses are often asked to participate, and you can use this to your advantage.

Depending on how involved you want to be, you can open a stall to raise awareness of your company, or simply provide something that people can use to make the day better. For example, your name on the top of a stage or the side of a bouncy castle will go a long way toward imprinting your name amongst the community. Furthermore, targeting a local event shows that you care about the location where your business is based. People respond better to businesses when they make an effort to help.


A larger company may find it difficult to blend in with the local community. That is why you may want to consider sponsorships if you fit in this category. Sponsorship is the act of paying to put your name somewhere that a lot of people will see it. This can be a sports venue, on public transport, or at televised events. So long as there is a big audience, there are always companies ready to put their name out there. Again, some of these events are for a good cause. Therefore, you can bring some goodwill your way while also bringing some extra attention your way. The best part is that you often only need to include your name as part of the sponsorship to receive the advantages.


Your company name is the most important piece of branding you have, so make sure you are sticking it in places where people can see it. You can choose to use some of the locations mentioned above or get creative with your own ideas. The choice is yours. It is your company name, after all.

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