YouTube Downloader: How to Instantly Download Your Favorite Videos From YouTube?

YouTube Downloader: How to Instantly Download Your Favorite Videos From YouTube?
YouTube Downloader: How to Instantly Download Your Favorite Videos From YouTube?

Watching YouTube videos is one of the most favorite ways of spending time with many readers. Quite often, we come across videos on YouTube that we feel downloading on the phone and sharing on other platforms instead of merely sharing the link. But that’s not possible as YouTube restricts download of any content from the site.

What can you do to download the videos from YouTube? Well, there’s a tool for that – YouTube Downloader. With the help of this tool or visiting a website like SSyoutube.

SSyoutube and tools like YouTube Downloader are helpful when it comes to downloading any video from the streaming giant.

The current quarantine situation is going to remain here for another month, at least, better would be to stay inside our homes to protect ourselves from the deadly COVID – 19. But staying inside the home for an entire day isn’t as easy as it sounds.

So why not download your favorite content from YouTube and share it with others? You can also watch the downloaded videos when you don’t have internet data active on the phone.

YouTube Downloader: How to Save Videos on Your Device?

Saving videos from YouTube is quite easy if you read the steps for once. We will show you how to download by visiting the website. After that we will see how we can use the downloader tool to automatically save any video you across. By that you won’t have to perform extra steps and video will be saved within a short time.

YouTube Downloader: How to Instantly Download Your Favorite Videos From YouTube?
YouTube Downloader: How to Instantly Download Your Favorite Videos From YouTube?

Following are the steps:

1. Visit YouTube
First, you should visit the website of YouTube. It doesn’t matter if you are using a PC or a phone. You can also do that if you are using the YouTube app on the phone. The process remains the same.

2. Search the Video
Find the video you want to download, click on it to open it. Right-click on it, copy the video URL.

3. Open SSyoutube
If you have copied the video URL, open another tab, and visit

4. Insert the video URL
Upon visiting the homepage of SSyoutube, you’ll see a text box where you need to enter the copied URL of the video and hit the ‘Download’ button. After a few moments, a thumbnail of the video will be displayed to you.

5. Choose the format
The thumbnail has a button where you can pick the format of the video. The list has options like (MP4 720, MP4 360, MP4 1080, and WEBM 1080). You need to note that the format (MP4 1080, WEBM 1080) does not come with audio, only the MP4 720 and MP4 360 do.

Once you have selected a format, click on Download and pick a folder for the download location of the file, downloaded will start.

YouTube Downloader: How to Install a Plugin?

All right, we know that this whole process takes time, but what if I tell you there’s a tool that can instantly allow you to download a YouTube video without having to grow through the entire process mentioned above?

Well, a YouTube Downloader plugin or tool is all you need for that. Here’s a simple process for that.

  1. Visit this webpage
  2. Install the MeddleMonkey extension first, and it is available on Google Web Store for Chrome.
  3. Then install the ‘helper script’ provided on the web page by clicking on the ‘Add Now’ button. It is necessary to support the MeddleMonkey extension.
  4. Once the installation of the script is completed, you will notice a small logo for the SSyoutube extension on the upper right corner of the browser.
  5. Click on it to either activate or remove it.

When you visit the YouTube page of any video you’ll see a button that shows you the format available for video downloading, you can directly choose the format for the video and downloading will start.

Final Words

Now that you know how to download videos from the SSyoutube and the YouTube Downloader tool, it will be easier to upload the videos, edit them, and share them with anyone.

You can download your favorite cooking recipe videos and watch them offline while cooking for instructions. You can download video lectures for studies, watch them offline; at least you will remain focused and won’t be distracted by notifications.

You can watch movies that are on YouTube, all without wasting data.

Many people don’t know that videos from YouTube can be downloaded. If you have friends and family members who don’t know this, share our article with them so that they can have fun too. Let us know what you think by dropping your comments or emailing us.

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