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Youtube Service Quality Renews Its Focus On Testing Video Downloads On PC

Youtube Service Quality Renews Its Focus On Testing Video Downloads On PC

Previously, only mobile-based subscribers had this benefit. YouTube plans to add the download feature for PC users.

As per new reports, Youtube Service Quality is currently testing its video downloading feature on PC-centric browsers. At the moment, YouTube users cannot download their video content completely as video files. Users can only watch the videos they downloaded if they open the browser first. The platform is allowing some of their Premium subscribers to participate in the testing process for this new feature.

Reportedly, there are many ways available online that users can apply if they want to save their YouTube videos. They can directly record the video with desktop-based screen recorders. Or, they can use other unverified websites. 

To combat this and make the process of video downloading easier for users, YouTube is planning to supply a better solution. The web-based direct download feature is currently under beta testing, according to Android Police. To note, mobile users already have a download option for YouTube videos. 

The feature would appear as a Download button beside the Share button that appears under the playing videos. Also, it might come up beside the three-dot menu that users see while browsing YouTube. When you download the video, it would appear in the offline Downloads folder of the YouTube Library. Resolution options range between 144-p-1080p. 

However, the downloaded files do not appear as video files or have size specifications. Moreover, as per reports, users cannot access the videos unless they are using the browser at the time. Youtube Service Quality does offer a unique caching protocol for the videos. Currently, the feature is under testing with different browser options, like Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. 

Other reports state that the feature is not at its best quality at the moment. The beta testers have seen difficulties while they were loading the downloaded videos for viewing. To handle this problem, some experts suggest using the device mouse to select the error. Then, press CTRL + ENTER. Users can download video files from YouTube using third-party websites. However, the platform does not accept or promote this method. 

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