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12 Most Tattooed Rock Stars

12 Most Tattooed Rock Stars

The words “rock star” immediately conjure up an image of a stadium filled with an audience buzzed purely by adrenaline as they enjoy a performance by a tattooed, long-haired musician with a hoarse voice.

Trends in body jewelry have evolved significantly over the years but are a mere shadow compared to the evolution of tattoos. Most rock stars are known not only for their hit songs but also for their cool tattoos.

Here is a list of the 12 most tattooed rock stars.

  1. Oliver Sykes
Oliver Sykes tattoos

Oliver has distinctive face and neck tattoos that he has collected over the years, along with his elaborate iconic earrings. The rocker says he started working on his first tattoo sleeve at 18 and continued to add tattoos every month after that. For him, tattoos are a reminder of moments in his life and hurdles he has conquered.

  1. Frank Carter
Frank Carter tattoos

Frank is the lead singer of several rock bands, including Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. He is an established tattoo artist with an elaborate collection of tattoos. Frank has been getting tatted since he was 18. He has hundreds of tattoos collected over the years.

The most distinct ones are the double-headed bald eagle on his chest, and his ex-wife’s name tattooed on his stomach.

  1. Ronnie Radke
Ronnie Radke tattoos

Bad tattoo jobs are common, especially when they are not done by professionals. Ronnie is a testament to this. His first tattoo, a poorly drawn microphone on his bicep, was done by an intoxicated artist.

The incident did not quell Ronnie’s love for Tats. He’s since gotten better tattoos and even did full sleeves twice to cover the badly drawn ones. 

  1. Jacoby Shaddix
Jacoby Shaddix tattoos

Jacoby’s talent is undeniable, but so is his love for crazy tattoos. The rocker has a big, bold tattoo across his chest that says, “born to rock.” His collection of tattoos also features his wife’s and children’s names. In honor of one of his favorite bands, The Clash, he got a “Love Hate” tattoo.

  1. Josh Todd
Josh Todd Tattoos

One of the most gifted rock stars, Josh is known for his love of ink. His abs are covered with tattoos that will draw your eyes to the region. Just like many of us, Josh got some of his first tattoos while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

He has since covered those tattoos up, but his love for tattoos is clear from the more elaborate ones he has gotten over the years. 

  1. Jesse James Rutherford
Jesse James Rutherford tattoos

Jesse has some of the unique tattoos in the industry. His creativity goes beyond the bounds of music. The star has a third eye tattoo on his throat, an immediate attention grabber. Unfortunately, Jesse has not elaborated much on his tattoos’ meanings or origins, but to his fans, that is half the allure! He can also often be seen sporting a nose ring that helps complete his unique style.

  1. Mitch Lucker
Mitch Lucker Tattoos

Former frontman Mitch Lucker was one of the most tattooed artists before his death in 2012. Lucker’s tattoos ran from his legs to his chin, each one more elaborate than the last. He did not shy away from colorful pieces and incorporated them into his hardcore gothic style.

Although they were captivating, some of his tattoos were quite unsettling, such as the gargantuan demon owl on his stomach and the bleeding owl on his chest.

  1. Travis Barker
Travis Barker tattoos

Travis rose to fame when his band, Blink 182, went mainstream. The drummer is heavily tattooed except for a blank spot on his thigh that he says his kids like to draw on. For Travis, tattoos are a means to document meaningful moments in his life. In 2008, Travis was involved in a plane crash that left his leg badly burned.

After the accident, he got the tattoos on his leg redone. After his accident, Travis got a portrait tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his head. As the sole survivor of the crash, he believes a higher power saved him. He also has a collection of family portraits on his back.

Some fun tattoos on his body include a boombox on his stomach that reminds him of his love for break dancing and the words “Can I Say” on his chest, one of his favorite songs.

  1. Dave Navarro
Dave Navarro tattoos

Lead guitarist Dave is also a judge on Ink Master and the American tattoo competition show. He has some sentimental tattoos, such as the portrait of his late mother, a tattoo inspired by an Auschwitz survivor, and a rose tattoo representing her name.

Additionally, Dave has the classic skull and crossbones tattoos that many rock artists love. On his chest is a large sacred heart tattoo surrounded by a ring of thorns. He completes his iconic style with his dark hair, predominantly black clothing and ear tunnels.

  1. Alex Varkatzas
Alex Varkatzas tattoos

Alex’s love for art is clear in his elaborate tattoo designs. The frontman has been getting tattoos since he was eighteen.

For Alex, tattoos are a reflection of things he likes and thinks of as badass. Some of his favorite tattoos are those of his English and French bulldogs on his knees. He also has a tattoo of a bulldog fighting a cobra that covers his entire thigh.

His wife shares the same love for tattoos. Alex ended up meeting one of his mentors through her. He continues to share his talent through art and has worked as a tattoo artist during his music tours.

  1. Jordan Pundik
Jordan Pundik tattoos

Not one to shy away from color, Jordan has a few colorful tattoos spread across his body along with stretched ears. Jordan believes all tattoos have meaning and are a means of expression.

One of his favorite tattoos is the totem of dogs on his shin. The totem reminds him of his pets, although they are now dead. An avid tattoo artist, Jordan opened his own tattoo shop, The Commonwealth.

  1. Trace Cyrus
Trace Cyrus tattoos

Trace is heavily covered in tattoos and has over 100 tattoos. His tattoos represent fond memories he has had over the years. Some of his elaborate tattoos include an eagle on his chest, an Indian chief on his head, and a dagger on the side of his face.

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