5 New Social Media Trends

5 New Social Media Trends

Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has been gradually pushing up one social media trend to the top – live-streaming. 

The real-time session works wonders to build a highly engaged community. You can solve queries, demonstrate tutorials, and discuss valuable stuff. All this helps make your audience feel connected and together.

But, here’s the thing. Success on Twitch primarily depends on the number of followers and not how active your community is. You won’t make any money unless people follow and show up on your streams regularly.

So, before signing up for a trial to get free followers on Twitch, check out these new social media trends. These best trends will help boost your social media in all aspects; engagement, following, and revenues. Let’s get started!

1. Focused & Small Networks Are Going To Be Popular

Until now, marketers have been targeting social media platforms with the most number of users. These include:

●     Instagram (2+ billion)

●     Facebook (2.934 billion)

●     TikTok (1 billion)

While these platforms provide wider access to potential customers, they’re becoming highly competitive. There’s too much noise, and standing out in it can be difficult. Even users have started feeling irritated with the number of ads, causing a drop in engagement rates. 

All this indicates a shift to small networks in the coming days. Pinterest, Snapchat, and similar platforms are going to be the next best places for marketing. They may have a smaller number of users, but they’re going to be more engaged.

2. Short-form Videos Will Continue to Rule

The attention span of people is shrinking rapidly. As per a recent study, a human can now focus on one thing for about 8-seconds only. It is a 25% attention span drop in just a few years!

Considering this, it’s no wonder that short videos are likely to stay popular on social media. TikTok has risen to the spotlight because it allows users to create content quickly and easily in the form of short videos.

In response to this trend, businesses and content creators are increasingly exploring innovative strategies like buy TikTok views as a method to enhance their online visibility. By boosting their view counts, they aim to increase the likelihood of their content being seen in a crowded digital space. This practice highlights the evolving tactics in social media marketing, where visibility and engagement are paramount in a world of fleeting attention spans.

Instagram has recently moved ahead and introduced reels. Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook continue to experiment with this content type.

3. Direct Selling & Customer Service Only Through Social Media

Previously, people expressed willingness and want to purchase things from the Internet. But, today, they expect businesses to have an online store.

The reason behind this is simple. Online selling makes the whole process easy, simple, and fast. With a few clicks, they can find product information, competitors, and make the final purchase too. 

Since social media receives the bulk of internet traffic, another new trend is its use of it for direct selling and customer service. Business owners will make social media their primary mode and websites the secondary one.

Instagram and Facebook have already made ways by allowing the shop feature. Anyone can set up an online store easily now.

4. Micro Influencers vs Macro Influencers

This new social media trend is much like the networking one. Platforms are being shifted because the number of users is high, but engagement is low. Similarly, many macro influencers have huge followings but few comments or likes.

These influencers are often unable to maintain a consistent relationship with their audience. As a result, people lose interest and stop interacting with their posts. So, even if you hire these influencers for marketing campaigns, the impact will be ineffective.

It’s why social media marketers are turning towards micro-influencers for better results. These individuals communicate and market successfully. Plus, they often charge less.

5. Audio-Only Сontent Will Take Over

Currently, there are around 424 million podcast listeners, and the numbers seem to be increasing day by day. It’s because people want to consume content as they do work and travel. They want to stay updated without dedicating specific time to it.

Audio forms the perfect solution to this modern problem. It allows people to listen to their favorite speakers, books, and even articles while doing other chores. So, following this demand, it’s likely that audio-only content is going to take over social media.

Platforms like Instagram have already started introducing the option to add voice-overs to reels and stories. The next thing we might see is transcripts for posts or maybe something else!

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