6 Must-have Items to Fully Enjoy Your Beach Days

6 Must-have Items to Fully Enjoy Your Beach Days

It’s almost summer in the northern hemisphere, and everyone is getting ready for the vacation of their lifetime. The Covid-19 restrictions are out, and most people are getting ready for the best summer of their lives. If you’re also thinking about making up for the lost time in the previous years, you must be fully ready for the beach.

Summers can be extremely hot and even dangerous if you’re not properly prepared. You need to have everything with you when going to the beach if you want to enjoy yourself. Not paying total attention may cause skin irritations, injuries, allergies, and even worse.

To stay protected, we will share a couple of tips to help you save yourself from danger. We will share six items you must have in your pocket before going to the beach. If you have and use them, be sure that you’ll enjoy yourself without any side effects and problems.

1. Sunscreen to protect you from the hot sun

There’s no need for a more thorough explanation about why sunscreen is so important for us. The sun’s rays are dangerous, and applying sunscreen is a must when going to the beach. Without it, not only you’ll burn and feel devastated, but many other medical implications may turn quite serious and end fatally.

The UV light that comes from the sun can easily cause cancer if you’re exposed longer than a few minutes and the heat is extreme. This is why it is recommended to stay out of the sun between 10 AM and 6 PM. If you apply sunscreen, you can spend more time at the beach enjoying the hot sun without worrying about its negative impact.

2. Sunglasses that will protect your eyes

As humans, we’re not evolved enough to naturally protect ourselves when seeing directly in the sky. As the sun may harm your skin, it can hurt your eyes too. When you’re at the beach, the reflection from the water harms your eyes even more, which is why you need sunglasses.

Make sure you have sunglasses with enough UV protection to lower the light intensity and prevent health problems. Looking at the sun can cause retinopathy, similar to a sunburn, only to your retina inside the eye.

3. Wetsuit for the perfect swimming and diving activities

The best part of going to the beach is swimming or diving in the ocean’s depths. There’s so much to do and see underwater, but you need to be properly equipped if you want to truly enjoy yourself. Aside from the oxygen mask and underwater goggles, you also need a wetsuit.

Wetsuits protect you and keep your skin dry underwater, preventing thermal body shocks. Not all wetsuits are equally good, so you want to find the best ones on the market. For example, O’Neill wetsuits are some of the best ones out there, so find your size and enjoy some ocean diving and underwater exploring.

4. Crocs for protecting your feet in and out of water

Ok, it’s not necessary to wear crocs if you don’t like them, but you need something to protect your feet. Go through the beach footwear in e-stores and find a suitable option. Don’t think that going barefoot is wise because it’s not. You can try ladies swim shoes to protect your feet.

When the sun heats the sand on the beach, it becomes nearly impossible to walk barefoot. The same goes for walking inside the water if the beach is made of small rocks or there’s a possibility of sea life that may hurt you, like sea urchins and others.

5. Big hat or sombrero that will cover most of your body

A sombrero is a big hat the Mexicans wear to protect them from the sun. They are perfect for you because, being wide, they can protect your entire body. They create an artificial shade that will keep you cool.

If there’s no sombrero available, you should still get a hat that will protect at least your head. Make sure it’s white or some other light color because this repels the sun’s rays the best. You can’t let your brain overheat and get dehydrated.

6. A book that will keep you calm and enjoy yourself

Finally, an item is not essential for your body but your mind. When you’re on a summer vacation, you need to relax and think of nothing else but enjoyment. Get yourself a great book, put on your shades, sunscreen, and hat, and order a cocktail.

The summer vacation is for resting your body and mind, so relax and enjoy. Pick a comfortable position in the chair or wherever you feel fit, and dive deep into the world of the book. Leave your smartphone in the bag. There will be time later for seeing what’s happening on your favorite social media feed.

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