6 Winter Style Tips Every Man Should Follow

6 Winter Style Tips Every Man Should Follow

Winter is a tough season not only because of the harsh weather but also because you have to change your whole wardrobe. A lot of men will have no trouble dressing up in the summer, spring, or fall, but they tend to feel lost when winter comes around. And it’s often because they have never really taken the time to study winter style. If you want to look good this winter, here are some tips that will help you build a great style this cold season.

Get a Good Variety of Coats

If you truly want to look stylish this winter, you cannot have just one coat. Some coats will work better in certain situations and types of weather than others, and you need to have a good selection of jackets and coats to choose from.

You do need to have at least one heavy-duty coat that will be your go too if the weather gets extreme, however. Make sure that it’s long, properly insulated, and has proper head protection. You will then need to look at something a bit lighter for milder days. Brands like Moncler are a great option here, and you should be able to find something to suit your style from their selection.

You should also try to look into things like wool peacoats, winter bombers, and a raincoat for mild days with rain and sticky snow.

Learn the Art of Layering

Layering is an important skill to master if you live somewhere that experiences very harsh winters. Layering properly will also make you look more stylish and put together. One of the most important rules of layering is that every piece should be functional and serve a purpose. If you pick the right pieces, you’ll be able to put them on and off depending on the environment and never get too hot or cold.

You should also make sure that you follow a gradient when layering clothes. You have to go from the lightest to the darkest colour from the inside out and from the busiest to the simplest pattern in any direction. The fabrics you’re wearing will dictate in which order you should be layering your clothes as well. You should always wear the thinnest clothes closer to your body and the thickest should be the outermost layer.

Stock Up on Flannel

There are a few pieces of clothing that look good in winter and are as versatile as a flannel shirt. They will work in virtually any casual setting and can be great for protecting you from the cold. As a matter of fact, some flannels can be worn with nothing but a hoodie underneath even when it’s very cold out.

The flannel and thick hoodie combo is a great option if you’re under 30 and you don’t feel like wearing a big coat. A regular flannel can serve as a perfect first layer if you like wearing them right on your skin, but you can also put a t-shirt right underneath to keep you warmer and add a personal touch.

Embrace Joggers

If you’ve neglected joggers lately or you think they aren’t your style, you should give them a second look right now. There is nothing that can beat a pair of thick stylish joggers in the winter, and you’ll never have to worry about your thighs getting frozen ever again.

Try to go with something slightly tapered that will leave some space for air. This is because air acts as an insulator when it gets filled with heat generated from your body. Wear a pair of long johns right under your joggers and you’ll be pretty much able to deal with anything that comes your way.

Don’t Forget the Headgear

Headgear can be a bit problematic for many men, especially those who have to dress formally. If you want something that will look professional but will still give you the protection that you need, there are plenty of discreet earmuffs that you could try. Wrap-around earmuffs are nearly unnoticeable and will look great in a pea coat or a trench coat.

For casual days, you should look into bomber hats and toques. A knit toque is a great option if you need something light that will keep you comfortably warm while bomber hats will give you extra protection on days with gusty winds.

Don’t Forget Your Scarf Either

A winter outfit can never be truly complete without a scarf. Not only are they stylish, but they will give you much-needed protection when things get windy. Get at least one thin scarf that you can wear on mild days and a thick knit scarf for colder days. Try to pick neutral colors so you’ll be able to match them with anything.

These are all things that will allow you to stay warm and stylish this winter. Continue learning about winter style, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different pieces until you’ve assembled a nice winter look for yourself.