7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign

7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign. Fast
7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign

Websites are powerful tools that businesses use to increase the visibility online and sell to customers all over the world. A company with a quality site can easily double its revenue and entertain clients it could never have acquired without it. 

Web technology, however, is changing all the time, meaning that sites never stand still. Every year, we see new updates and innovation – many of which are highly beneficial to businesses. 

Companies should frequently consider whether their website needs a redesign. It’s not usually a big task, but it can lead to massive benefits overall – way greater than the original investment. 

Reason #1: Your Company Needs A Rebrand

7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign. Fast
7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign

Even the most successful brands go through evolution through time. Things are never static in the world of business. Preferences change, consumers develop new tastes, and cultural cues also go through various revolutions. 

Smart companies, therefore, take pains to ensure that their sites remain bang up to date with the latest trends. When McDonald’s launched its website in the mid-1990s, for instance, the fast-food outlet didn’t have any social media integration at all. Eventually, though, it learned that making links to its Facebook and Instagram accounts helps to boost site traffic, so it made a habit of it. 

Rebranding also includes things like changing the colours or logos on your site to make them appear more “current.” Carrying out this kind of work is a challenge, especially if you’re used to your website having a specific appearance. Quality web development professionals, however, can offer much-needed advice and point you in the right direction. 

Reason #2: You Merged With Another Company, Or Were Bought Out

At some point in their existence, most companies get bought by another. The reason for this is simple: larger firms are always looking for ways to improve their profitability. If they believe that a particular brand offers them a competitive advantage, they’ll take the chance and buy it out.

When this happens, website branding usually needs to change. Firms have to swap the old colours for new ones that better reflect their parent company. Rarely do brands remain identical after an event like this. 

Reason #3: Your Site Isn’t Performing

A quality site performs all year round, helping to attract punters and convert them. But sometimes websites perform poorly, thus letting down your entire enterprise. 

There are a host of important reasons why this might happen. First, it could merely be a technical issue with your site. If your web host isn’t up to scratch or you have broken links, that can immediately push people back to search. 

Second, it could be a speed issue. Thus, even if there’s nothing wrong with your site technically-speaking, pages may just take a long time to load. And that’s why people aren’t coming back for more, 

Third, you might have trouble with your navigation. RSM Marketing says that companies should judge their website performance based on ROI metrics. These can plummet if users can’t find their way around your site. Your sales funnels stop working, and you wind up with interruptions between users arriving on your website and parting with cash. 

Finally, sites can fail to perform if they don’t contain content that provides value to customers. That’s why so many modern businesses are farming out content creation to third-party agencies. They need high-quality writing to drive sales.

Reason #4: Your Competitors Are Biting At Your Heels

Sometimes, a website redesign is reactive, not proactive. Firms do it because of so-called “competitor upswing” where a rival firm suddenly ups its game and steals traffic. 

Competitor upswings are one of the trickiest things to deal with because usually, they have professionals on their side. The best response is to treat fire with fire and hit back by hiring your own experts. 

Be warned, it can turn into a bit of an arms race. But by the end of the process, you and your rival should both dominate the market, with everyone else left in the background. 

Reason #5: You Have New Management

7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign. Fast
7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign

New management at a company can bring profound changes across the board. When firms change their leadership, it has effects on everything from staff pay to company culture. 

New management, therefore, can have an effect on your website. A new executive, for example, might want to take an entirely different approach to marketing through your website from what the last guy did. Often, they’ll apply their pet strategies to generate traffic and get punters through the doors. And they’ll insist that their way is best. 

Sometimes the changes are superficial – things like alternating the pictures and fonts that people see when they hit your site. Other times, they go deeper. Many bosses now see web design as a critical component of digital transformation – something that they can use to adopt a fundamentally new business model. 

Reason #6: You Just Launched a New Product Or Service

Many companies quickly upgrade their websites when they launch new products or services. The idea here is to make it easier for customers to get the information they need on the new lines. Old formats simply may not suffice. 

Reason #7: There Have Been Changes To Technology And Algorithms

7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign. Fast
7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs A Redesign

Web design isn’t something that occurs in isolation from search engines. Instead, the two play off each other, with web designers paying close attention to algorithmic updates. 

Most of the time, updates don’t require companies to make any substantial changes to their sites. But occasionally, something big comes along, and it becomes immediately apparent that pages aren’t optimal. 

Website redesigns, therefore, sometimes happen for reasons related to search engines themselves. When the big providers change how they rank pages, individual websites must respond fast or lose their coveted position in results. 

In summary, therefore, it is time to take a step back and ask yourself whether you need to make changes to your company site. If your business has been through profound changes, you may need to take the opportunity to update your pages or get a professional to do it for you. 

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