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Inside ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Review: Release Dates, Cast, and Ending Explained

Inside ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Review: Release Dates, Cast, and Ending Explained
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Kenneth Branagh made his comeback in the recently debuted film “A Haunting in Venice, which crossed the box office collection with $122 million worldwide. A supernatural film, which was expected to debut with earnings between $13 million and $15 million, owing to the comparison between the franchise’s last two movies, including Murder on the Orient Express (2017) and Death on the Nile (2022),. Here’s a detailed review of A Haunting in Venice.

“A Haunting in Venice” Movie: What Were the Release Dates?

With its red carpet premiere at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on September 11, 2023, A Haunting in Venice made its debut on September 15, 2023, at 20th-century studios.

Meanwhile, the film received a Blu-ray and DVD release on November 28; it also received a digital platform premiere on October 30, 2023.

On the other hand, A Haunting in Venice’s trailer was released on July 19, 2023, almost two months before the film’s premiere

A Haunting in Venice: Review

“A Haunting in Venice” is a classic 20th-century story, yet different. Over the years, the Walt Disney-owned entertainment giant has warmed its way into our hearts with captivating stories in the most unusual settings. This time, it has decided to reach out to our senses!

“A Haunting in Venice” is a high-concept film that hinges entirely on execution, and thankfully, that job was handled by the masterful Kenneth Branagh.

Headquartered around a murder during a Venetian scene, the idea of setting a film around the murder has been a perfect plot for the 20th century.

On the contrary, according to the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, a top critic reviewed the film and said,

Kenneth Branagh again stars as Agatha Christie’s master detective Hercule Poirot, moving Dame Agatha’s mystery from London to Venice and into the land of the supernatural. This all-star (yay, Tina Fey!) wickedly entertaining shakeup does them both proud.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Dean, another top critic, reviewed

A Haunting in Venice, which knows exactly what it’s doing. More Christie, played by A-listers, has fun in a cosy-as-a-cushion, teatime ITV-drama-on-the-big-screen way, catering to a cinematic audience left behind by superheroes.

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Who was in the cast of A Haunting in Venice?

Headquartered around a mystery murder, the ensemble cast of “A Haunting in Venice” includes,

  • Kyle Allen plays Maxime Gerard, Alicia Drake’s ex-fiancé
  • Kenneth Branagh plays Hercule Poirot, a retired world-renowned Belgian detective.
  • Camille Cottin plays Olga Seminoff, Rowena’s housekeeper
  • Jamie Dornan plays Dr Leslie Ferrier, a doctor suffering from psychological trauma
  • Tina Fey plays Ariadne Oliver, Poirot’s friend and a crime novelist
  • Jude Hill as Leopold Ferrier, Dr Ferrier’s precocious son
  • Ali Khan as Nicholas Holland, Reynolds’ assistant and Desdemona’s half-brother
  • Emma Laird plays Desdemona Holland, Reynolds’ assistant and Nicholas’ half-sister
  • Kelly Reilly plays Rowena Drake, a retired opera singer and Alicia’s mother,
  • Riccardo Scamarcio, as Vitale Portfolio, Poirot’s bodyguard and a former police officer
  • Michelle Yeoh plays Joyce Reynolds, a supposed psychic medium
  • Rowan Robinson as Alicia Drake, Rowena’s deceased daughter
  • Amir El-Masry plays Alessandro Longo, a young man seeking Poirot’s help
  • Vanessa Ifediora as Sister Maria Felicitas
Inside ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Review: Release Dates, Cast, and Ending Explained

A Haunting in Venice: Ending Explained

In the concluding scenes of A Haunting in Venice, Hercule claimed that it was Rowena Drake who murdered her daughter, Alicia Drake. Owing to the left-out feelings she got after Alicia’s engagement, she refused Maxime to meet Alecia after the engagement was called off; he wished to reconcile.

In the process of segregating the duo, Rowena often spiked Alicia’s tea with controlled doses of hallucinogenic honey, which made her dependent on her mother. One night, their maid, Olga Seminoff (Camille Cottin), overdosed Alicia’s tea with honey, which led to her death in sleep.

How to Watch “A Haunting in Venice” for Free at Home?

This recently released film is available to watch across several OTT platforms, like Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play. 

If you are a first user of Disney+, you might access the film for free; however, it will last for a short duration. On the contrary, you can rent “A Haunting in Venice” across several OTT platforms, like Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, the rental cost of the film might vary according to region.

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