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‘A Tiny Sticker Tale’ – Unveiling on October 4th

'A Tiny Sticker Tale' - Unveiling on October 4th
Image: Ogre Pixel

‘A Tiny Sticker Tale’ is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop on October 4th. The game is developed by Ogre Pixel, the creative minds behind the beloved ‘Lonesome Village.’ This is a sequel to the game and it promises to whisk players away on a delightful journey. Get ready for a captivating experience filled with emotions, puzzles, and an innovative sticker-based gameplay mechanic. The game is now available for pre-order on the North American Switch eShop at a price of $9.99.

‘A Tiny Sticker Tale’ was featured in this summer’s Wholesome Direct event. It drew players in with its unique sticker-themed art style. The sticker-based theme also plays a pivotal role in the gameplay. The playtime is estimated to be 2 to 4 hours. Nevertheless, the experience promises to be both light-hearted and emotionally resonant. 

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Players assume the role of Flynn, a donkey on an extraordinary quest. Flynn wants to find his father, who has mysteriously vanished. A gift from his father is the key to unraveling the magical adventure ahead: a sticker book with the power to manipulate reality. He can transform his surroundings into vibrant stickers, twisting the fabric of reality itself. However, he soon discovers that he isn’t the sole possessor of this incredible power. Check out the trailer. 

Video by Ogre Pixel

Steve Durán, the visionary Director and Designer at Ogre Pixel, is proud of the game they have created. Durán shares his enthusiasm, stating, “As a Mexico-based studio, we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the development capabilities of the Latin American community and share our game with the world.”

This, undoubtedly, is going to be a unique experience for gamers with a penchant for puzzles. The overall concept as well as the setting is quite imaginative. The launch date is near, it’d be a good time to place the orders.

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