Why You Should Invest In An Address Validation Service

Why You Should Invest In An Address Validation Service

It’s easy to forget how things have changed. Most people get caught up in what is happening now and what the future holds. 

It’s a natural part of progression, but if you don’t look back occasionally, you won’t appreciate the importance of the technology available right now. 

Address validation software, such as that supplied by egon.com should be seen as a vital part of your business. If you haven’t already invested, it’s time you did.

Understanding Address Validation

Address validation software is designed to confirm that the name and address a customer, supplier, or some other person gives you, is correct. 

The system is capable of matching a name to an address or the address to the name. It can be used to confirm you’re sending a parcel to the right address. 

You can also use this software to verify that a customer’s billing address matches their bank records, effectively reducing the likelihood of credit card fraud. That’s just two of hundreds of possible examples!

Why You Should Invest In Address Validation Software

There are several reasons why you should hook up with a reputable firm and install address validation software on your systems:

Time saving

Have you ever considered how much time you lose checking postal addresses, dealing with parcels returned in error, and even handling fraud complaints when you’re billing the wrong person? If you haven’t, you should. 

Facts suggest that 99% of eCommerce businesses experience some level of failed deliveries, with one in five customers experiencing lost deliveries. Eliminating or reducing this can save your employees a significant amount of time, which can be used to increase productivity.

Cost saving

Saving time means you’re saving money. Instead of staff dealing with customers, chasing delivery companies, or otherwise dealing with delivery issues, they can help the company to be more productive, more efficient, and more profitable. 

Preventing incorrect deliveries and fraud also means the business won’t waste money paying for two lots of deliveries!

Reduce potential fraud

Surveys show that half of businesses with less than $1 billion turnover have been unable to recover fraud losses. 

That’s a viable incentive to reduce fraud in all its forms. Using this type of validation software, you can confirm an address and name match to banking details. In effect, you can avoid sending goods for fraudulent orders. 

That not only saves you the cost of making and delivering the goods, but it also saves you a lot of time and hassle, while improving your business reputation.

Fast, simple, and effective

Best of all, the right system can be integrated into your current customer management system. In other words, once integrated, it will automatically handle everything for you. 

That’s sure to save you time and money! What better reason do you need to invest in address validation software today?

Summing up

Consumers are already accustomed to having their data checked. Making your system capable of doing this simply means you are a responsible supplier. As such, consumers will have more confidence in your business and fraudsters will be less likely to target you. It’s really a win-win.

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