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All Rise Season 4: When Will It Stream on Oprah Winfrey Network?

All Rise Season 4: When Will It Stream on Oprah Winfrey Network?
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With average ratings, All Rise premiered its two seasons on CBS, followed by a third season on OWN. While three seasons are already streaming on the OTT, fans are expecting an All Rise Season 4. With higher anticipation, The President of the Oprah Winfrey Network has announced updates regarding the series.

The American legal drama television series, All Rise, followed the personal lives of judges, public defenders, and prosecutors. Debuted in 2019, the series was created for CBS and later the Oprah Winfrey Network. Although the series has fair 7/10 ratings on IMDB, it was cancelled by CBS after two seasons, following which it was picked by OWN. With a third season being premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network, it received mixed reviews and anticipation for a fourth season. Here’s all you need to know about All Rise Season 4.

Will There Be “All Rise” Season 4?

Unfortunately, the series, All Rise, has no plans to receive a renewal for a fourth season; All Rise Season 3 was its finale season.

Why Did All Rise Season 4 Receive a Cancellation?

Despite All Rise receiving moderate IMDb ratings, it suffered several setbacks that eventually led to its cancellation. In May 2021, after CBS premiered its first two seasons, was cancelled by the network owing to falling viewership. However, it was later picked up by the Oprah Winfrey Network. In OWN, All Rise attracted a significant viewership; however, was still cancelled by the network.

In a media interview, Tina Perry, the president of OWN, expressed her gratitude to the viewers of All Rise. She said, 

We are extremely proud of the positive impact ‘All Rise’ has made in showcasing strong, accomplished Black female characters,

We are so grateful to all of our creative collaborators and wish to thank the talented cast and crew for their dedication and incredible work on the series.

All Rise Season 4: When Will It Stream on Oprah Winfrey Network?

Who Are In the Cast of All Rise Season 4?

While All Rise Season 3 was the finale of the season, it is highly anticipated by the fans for a fourth season. In the digital entertainment industry, there are a plethora of series that have returned after a cancellation including Manifest, Full House, and Coach.

Although All Rise Season 4 has not received a green signal yet, we can expect that we will see a repetition of casts from the previous season. All Rise Season 3 cast includes,

  • Simone Missick as ‘Judge Lola Carmichael,
  • Wilson Bethel as Judge Carmichael’s best friend Deputy District Attorney ‘Mark Callan,’ 
  • Jessica Camacho as public defender ‘Emily Lopez,’ J. 
  • Alex Brinson as bailiff-turned-public defender ‘Luke Watkins,’ Ruthie Ann Miles as Lola’s judicial assistant ‘Sherri Kansky,’ Lindsay Mendez as victim advocate ‘Sara Castillo,’ Lindsey Gort as defence attorney ‘Amy Quinn’
  • Marg Helgenberger as ‘Judge Lisa Benner
  • Samantha Marie Ware as law clerk Vanessa “Ness” Johnson, Emmy® winner Paul McCrane as Judge Jonas Laski, Suzanne Cryer as Deputy District Attorney Maggie Palmer, Roger Guenveur Smith as Judge Marshall, 
  • Christian Keyes as Robin Taylor
  • Ian Anthony Dale as Louis Bravo.

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What Are The Potential Release Dates for All Rise Season 4?

All Rise, which premiered season 3 as its finale, has announced no plans for a spin-off or a continuation of the series. Hence, as of April 2024, the series stands cancelled.

Since the fourth season of All Rise is receiving higher anticipation from fans, we can expect the creators and the authorities of the Oprah Winfrey Network to reconsider their decision.

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Where Can I Watch All Rise Season 4?

According to the updates shared by OWN, All Rise Season 4 stands cancelled. However, if it gets continued by the network, you can catch the fourth season along with its previous seasons on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and the Oprah Winfrey Network.


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