All the Ways to Enjoy Driving More

All the Ways to Enjoy Driving More
Image by bobtheskater from Pixabay

Not everyone has to rely on a vehicle. If you’re lucky enough to live in Manhattan, then you’ll be able to take care of your daily business without having to get behind the wheel. But that’s not the case for the majority of us. We depend on our cars to have a smooth everyday life; after all, can you imagine how much more difficult it would be to get to work or do a big grocery shop without a car? 

While anyone who has a car should feel grateful, it’s also true that some of the enjoyment can be lost when it’s something that we have to do. If you’re beginning to view your car expeditions as a chore, then this page is you. Below, we’ll run through a whole bunch of ways you can enjoy driving more.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

You won’t like driving if you don’t like your vehicle. It’s a fundamental component of the experience! So take another look at your car: is this really the one that you want to be driving? If you feel a sense of dread every time you climb in, then the answer will be a clear no. And in fact, the answer could also be no if getting behind the wheel doesn’t spark joy. If it’s been a while since you upgraded your vehicle, perhaps now’s the time — you’ll feel much better about those long drives when you have your hands on the keys to a car that you very much enjoy. 

Clean It Out

You wouldn’t expect to love being in your house if it was dirty and disorganized, so don’t expect the same from your vehicle. Most people overlook the cleanliness aspect of their vehicles, especially since there are so many other obligations that we all have to take care of. But remember that the state of your vehicle will impact your enjoyment of driving, even if it’s on a subtle basis. Give your car a deep clean inside and out, and you’ll likely find that you prefer getting behind the wheel. And if you really want to nudge things forward, then look at having your car serviced by a professional valet company.

Find the Best Route

Most people look at Google Maps when they’re trying to reach somewhere. But here’s the thing: while GPS might show you the fastest route, it won’t necessarily show you the best route. Let’s say you’re driving to work. You have your set route because that’s what your navigation system suggests, and now you just do it from memory. But if you kinda hate that route — as in, there’s always a lot of traffic and it’s an uninspiring journey — then you can probably do better. 

So take a look at alternative routes. There could be a journey that technically takes 5 – 10 minutes long, but which involves no traffic and driving through a beautiful landscape. In that scenario, the extra minutes would be worth it if you ended up actually enjoying the ride.

Become More Confident

Most people feel fine behind the wheel when they’re out in a rural area, where there are no other vehicles and the roads are as straight as an arrow. But if you have to drive in a city, then that won’t be your experience. You’ll have vehicles all around you, you’ll be constantly stopping and starting, and it may well be an all-around stressful experience if you’re not confident behind the wheel. In that case, it’ll be best to look at boosting your confidence. It’s relatively easy to pass a driving test, but the system doesn’t necessarily churn out confident drivers. There are additional courses you can take that’ll improve your driving skills and make you more comfortable driving in urban areas. 

Reduce the Costs

You might love the actual act of driving, but if it’s having an overly negative impact on your bank balance, then you’ll probably end up having pretty mixed feelings about it. No one likes doing things that they know are draining their finances. You won’t be able to get rid of car-related costs entirely, but there are things you can do to keep the costs down. For instance, you can learn how to drive in a fuel-efficient way, which will reduce the amount of money you spend per month at the gas pump. You could also carpool, sell your vehicle at the right time, and avoid driving when it’s not necessary.

Maintain Your Vehicle

If you’ve bought a good car, then it’ll be a dream to drive — but only when it works correctly. Even the best machines run into difficulties from time to time. The trick to ensuring that you don’t run into large problems while driving is to actively invest in your vehicle’s maintenance; after all, it’s much easier to prevent a problem than to fix it. Be aware that you could have vehicle problems even if you’ve taken care of maintenance, but even that doesn’t have to impact your enjoyment of driving too much. It’s all about knowing what to do. If you have a number of a towing company and a reliable mechanic, then you can minimize the amount of time your car is out of action. It’s best to form a long-term relationship with a mechanic, as this will increase the chances that you get the best price.

Create a Playlist

Driving might have been awful back in the 1950s when in-car entertainment was non-existent. But today that’s no longer the case; if you have anything close to a modern vehicle, then you’ll have a whole host of entertainment options available to you. For example, a sound system, and that means you can put together a great playlist or two that takes your driving experience to the next level. Driving in silence is fine when you need to think things through, but there’s nothing better than taking a long drive with songs that elevate your thoughts and spirit. Need some inspiration? Check out these great driving songs

And Upgrade Your Sound System 

And talking of your sound system: is it all that it could be? If your vehicle didn’t come with great speakers as standard, then consider upgrading. You can get pretty good deals on car speakers these days that’ll transform the sound in your vehicle. Check out some of the best aftermarket car speakers, install them in your vehicle, and you’ll love getting behind the wheel, especially on those warm Spring evenings when all seems right with the world. 

Use the Commute as an Opportunity 

Even people who love driving can get a little bored on their commute to work. After all, it’s not everyone’s favorite time of the day, and you often have to sit in traffic, which means you don’t actually do that much driving at all. It’s one of those things that can kinda kill your spirit and make you want to be anywhere else other than your vehicle. But as with all things, it’s all about attitude. If you can view your commute as an opportunity, then you’ll find that you can craft a much better experience. For example, could you use the time to listen to podcasts, or learn a foreign language? Anything that adds value to your life will make it more enjoyable. 

Carpool Journeys

You’ll probably like driving alone some of the time. But if that’s your only experience, then it’ll begin to feel a little boring. One way to beat this is to look at carpooling. If you and your work friends are all driving to the office, why not group together and make the journey together? You’ll prefer driving when you’re having fun and interesting conversations with people you enjoy. Also, this can really help to minimize the costs of driving; rather than assuming all the gas and parking costs yourself, you’ll be able to split it with however many people are in your carpool group. 

Take Fun Drives 

Most of the journeys we make in our cars are functional. We have to go to work, visit the supermarket, and so forth. It’s a useful tool in that regard! But it’s also worth carving out some time to make fun journeys, too. For example, could you plan a road trip? There’s nothing like spending a few days exploring a beautiful part of the country to remind you just how enjoyable it is to own a vehicle. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out this list of the best road trip journeys to take in 2023

Take a Break

Finally, if you’re beginning to grow a little tired of driving, consider taking a break for a little while. It’ll help to view driving differently, especially when you have to try to make it through life without getting behind the wheel. Within a week of relying on buses and trains, you’ll be running back to your vehicle. It’s easy to take having a car for granted, but keep in mind that it really is a privilege that you’re lucky to have!