Amid Tori Spelling’s Divorce Revelation, Dean McDermott Addresses Media

Amid Tori Spelling’s Divorce Revelation, Dean McDermott Addresses Media

Following Tori Spelling’s revelation on her decision of filing a divorce, Dean McDermott has now ignited the media with his statement.

On Saturday in Los Angeles, the 57 year old attracted several media attention, and it was less than 24 hours before his wife filed for divorce.

Sharing that he has been doing good, Dean went on to address his divorce details saying  “It’s been a long time coming but T and I are good.” Not only this, but an eyewitness, who was also from the media team, exclaimed that Dean McDermott was still wearing his wedding ring.

Besides, his statement made headlines, after his estranged wife, Tori Spelling, revealed the details about her divorce on the debut episode of the podcast, misSpelling.

During the podcast, she talked about her mental health and discussed her sufferings. She said

I’ve never felt more alone. I don’t feel worth loving. That’s the truth. And that’s something that’s just in you, it’s not something I wanted or created. That starts when you’re young. [And changing it], that’s not easy to do. … I don’t know if you can.

Not only this, but in the same podcast, the actress revealed that she had been planning for a divorce for 15 years. However, initially, she dropped her plans due to her children.

Tori, in her divorce claims, added “It would have been over a lot sooner,.”

Besides the divorce revelations, Dean McDermott, in 2014, attracted controversy, when he publicly admitted about his extramarital affair.

Tori, in 2014, addressed her husband’s public announcement on how he cheated her, and shared

I was like, he’s going to cheat on me, he’s going to cheat on me, he’s going to cheat on me,

So when it happened, I was like, ‘See, I always thought from day one he was going to cheat on me,’ and it wasn’t about him, that was about me.

The couple met during filming the TV film, Mind Over Murder, in 2005, followed by a private wedding ceremony in 2006. While they renewed vows in 2010, they faced several relationship challenges for a decade that ultimately turned into the decision to file for a divorce.

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